High rates of turnover. Snowballing overtime costs. Abysmal employee engagement. The client, a global bedding manufacturer, was reeling from these all-too-common HR challenges — and despite having contracted with four different transactional staffing agencies, fill rate continues to be a problem as well. In fact, part of the reason they reached out to Randstad Inhouse Services was for help with a backlog of 80 unfilled orders. Here’s how we delivered.


Randstad Inhouse Services assembled a dedicated team to tackle the client’s challenges head-on, starting with a comprehensive, multifaceted recruitment plan. Key components of our solution included:

  • overhauling the orientation process, which previously had limited new hires to two possible start days each week — orientations are now carried out multiple times daily
  • comprehensively deconstructing the client’s onboarding processes, from orientation to badge creation, time-clock setup and more, with the goal of bolstering engagement — and moving the needle on retention outcomes as well
  • bringing in dedicated managers from Randstad Inhouse Services to provide coverage on multiple shifts and more effectively support client-side supervisors and line leads
  • conducting ongoing facility tours, which are an important opportunity for candidates to familiarize themselves with supervisors and products before accepting the role
  • reporting on key performance indicators on a weekly basis, which led to more granular insights, surfaced problems faster and laid the groundwork for preventative measures
  • initiating an instant rewards program to promote retention and reward above-target productivity and performance
  • instituting talent engagement programs that kicked in on the very first day of new hire onboarding, in addition to referral perks and bonuses to further reinforce the client’s talent pipeline


After putting our ambitious plan into action, measurable wins for the client came rolling in. Highlights included:

  • adding net 200 contingent headcount within the first six weeks to fill all existing open orders plus filling 100 percent of new orders due to facility growth
  • realizing a 60 percent reduction in quarterly turnover for the client
  • significantly curbing the number of overtime hours worked — from 10.4 percent to 7.7
  • simplifying and streamlining the client’s accounts payable (AP) processes (effectively replacing four invoices with one)
  • instituting process enhancement that saved the HR team approximately 13 hours of work on a weekly basis, which in turn freed up the HR team to dedicate more time to supporting business outcomes
  • leaning in on cutting-edge technology to enable 24/7 recruiting, thus expanding the available candidate pool in a very challenging and competitive labor market

The takeaway: Why waste time and money by engaging multiple transactional staffing vendors, when what you need is a trusted onsite partner? Laser-focused recruitment aligned with your objectives. A dedicated team that proactively influences daily operations. Experts who not only understand the job requirements, but are fluent in all the nuances between departments and supervisors. These are what you can expect from Randstad Inhouse Services. So if you’re ready to discover how we can unlock value for your organization, get in touch with our team today

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“Your team is absolutely amazing. Your passion to this facility and dedication to your work is shown in all you are doing. You understand this business and know what it takes to be successful.”

— senior HR facilities manager