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There are few things in the world that haven’t been affected by the pandemic, but have you ever stopped to think about the monumental impact this  had on the customer services industry?

With supply chain challenges and delivery delays still impacting businesses rife, 75 percent of people have seen customer service worsen since the start of the pandemic. In fact, 78 percent of customers have contacted a company multiple times to address a single concern, while 9 percent have made more than 20 attempts to resolve an issue over the phone or via email. Regardless of your patience level, that sort of service is never going to score you committed customers.

But beyond a hit to your  reputation in the market, what effect is all of this having on your customer service teams? Would it surprise you to learn that 87 percent are experiencing team wide stress? Or that turnover across customer services is twice that of other departments – sitting at an eye-watering 45 percent?

Your teams aren’t happy, and neither are your customers – which means something needs to change.

customers expect more from IT

For any IT organization wishing to take the competition by storm, there are certain differentiators to be aware of. Today’s customers expect you to:

  1. Anticipate their needs
  2. Provide more self-service options
  3. Ensure a seamless experience throughout

If you can’t meet those needs? Well, they’ll simply take their business elsewhere. The reason this matters so much is that customer-centric organizations are found to be 60 percent more profitable than their less customer-focused counterparts, while 25 percent of customers would be willing to pay more for a product if they knew they’d receive excellent customer service.

In a bid to keep on top of evolving customer demands then, many IT organizations have turned to ServiceNow: a tool promising to usher in a new era of customer experience, fully geared toward  the digital workforce revolution. The problem? It’s left many with more questions than answers.

With its powerful workflow and process optimization capabilities, ServiceNow allows customer service teams to reduce ticket volume and become more efficient in solving cases that do end up crossing their desks – allowing employers to proceed with leaner, more cost-effective support teams.

The incredible power of ServiceNow lies in its complexity, and this can present quite the challenge for organizations looking to unlock its true, transformative value. Equipped with the right knowledge, however – and a powerful partner to help you realize results – ServiceNow can revolutionize your customer service experience.

But you need to know what to avoid.

the three snags of ServiceNow (and how to overcome them)

1. not getting your staff up-to-speed

The lure of increased efficiency, streamlined workflows, and predictive analytics is strong, but there’s no point investing in this stellar software if you’re not equally invested in providing the training necessary to unlock its value. Making sure teams are sufficiently skilled in platform maintenance and performance is essential; as is putting the right training infrastructure in place to ensure your staff have ongoing training to keep pace with the latest updates.

We recommend: making the upfront investment in skilled ServiceNow engineers as this will pay dividends further down the line.

2. failing to develop a platform strategy

The individual program features of ServiceNow can undoubtedly deliver value to your customers, but they pale in comparison to what can be achieved through a comprehensive platform strategy. Creating a strategic roadmap that covers the next three to five years, and includes your goals and the program features you want to focus on, will ensure you see real value.

We recommend: prioritizing your biggest areas of need first, then incrementally adding program features over time until you reach your desired level of maturity.

3. neglecting the customer experience

The whole point of implementing ServiceNow is to improve the customer experience, andt it requires a certain level of finesse. Customer service is about more than simply resolving issues faster, or opening more channels: how that service is delivered is just as important as what’s being delivered. For example, what good is an FAQ page if answers are buried beneath a complicated page structure? ServiceNow enables you to provide the holy grail of customer support: seamless experience across support channels, and up the escalation hierarchy.

We recommend: leveraging ServiceNow’s capabilities to organize information logically, and present it in a clean, modern, easy-to-read format, free of frustration for customers.

still confused? randstad can help

If harnessing these capabilities feels like a huge challenge, you don’t have to go it alone. The ServiceNow solutions experts at Randstad Technologies have the skills, experience and insight to help you unlock value across your customer service operations.

More than just providing great talent, our solutions teams combine the reach and resources of Randstad’s global organization, with the personalized, consultative approach of a boutique firm. That means:

  • More flexibility — no need is ever too big or too small
  • Complete project oversight from end to end
  • Tailored ServiceNow solutions to meet your needs
  • Skilled talent straight from our network to help you put it all into action

Ready to learn more about how Randstad Technologies can deliver the ServiceNow support and solutions your business needs? Get in touch with us and one of our specialists will reach out ASAP.