Billing for our services varies depending on the nature of each assignment. But no matter the assignment, our clients always have access to our e-billing system for a streamlined, pain-free payment process.

temporary placement

For temporary placements, billing occurs on a weekly basis. If a candidate gets hired directly, a final conversion invoice is sent before transferring over to payroll.

direct hire

For direct hires, an invoice is sent only when a candidate starts working onsite. Employers then receive a one-time invoice based on a percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary.


For temp-to-hire placements, employers are billed hourly only for hours worked by an employee. In addition to accounting for time spent on the job, the bill rate also covers costs related to recruitment as well as payroll, state and federal unemployment taxes.

If you love working with one of our candidates and want to bring them on full-time, you won’t have to wait for a contract to expire. You can hire anytime after making a one-time transition payment based on the number of hours worked by the candidate.