The working world is changing fast, and staffing agencies are diversifying their services to address these new ways of working. While this ensures meeting diverse needs, it makes understanding what staffing agencies provide a bit tricky. 

When it comes to defining who we are, we first need to examine each of the major types of staffing agencies and what they offer. 

  • temp firms.
  • contingent firms.
  • retained search and executive search firms.
  • boutique, niche and specialist firms.

Temp firms: Temp firms, as their name suggests, provide talent on a temporary basis. These agencies are ideal for businesses that experience sudden upticks in demand, whether the result of a busy season or a sudden project or initiative.

Contingent firms: Making up the vast majority of staffing firms, contingent firms can hire talent from the entry level to the executive level. The term “contingent” simply means their fees are contingent on a client hiring one of their candidates.

Retained and executive search firms: Unlike contingent firms, retained search firms are contracted by employers, often signifying an exclusive relationship between the two in which the staffing firm oversees the complete hiring process of the client’s senior leadership roles. Executive search firms are similar, though their scope is generally limited to the C-suite.

Boutique, niche or specialist firms: These firms have perhaps the most narrow scope of all, focusing on specific, specialized skill sets or individual geographical locations. Despite their limited scope, they are the fastest growing type of firm.

so what are we?

In short? A little bit of all the above, which puts us squarely in the final category: full-service staffing. 

Full-service staffing agencies like us have the reach and resources needed to address the staffing needs of companies of all sizes: from boutique startups all the way up to Fortune 100 conglomerates. Being a full-service firm also means that we have expertise across multiple fields and industries, including:

  • finance and accounting
  • healthcare
  • HR
  • technologies
  • legal
  • life sciences
  • manufacturing and logistics
  • office and administration
  • sales and marketing

the best of everything — all under one roof

At Randstad, we offer a full set of services and are equipped to staff for nearly any hiring need. We can hire for temporary, temp-to-perm (so you can see your people in action before making a final hiring decision), direct-hire and executive-level positions.

While you could get these individual services by contracting with many different agencies, working with a full-service agency like us means you can get them all in one place. This brings along new layers of convenience and efficiency to the hiring process, saving you a lot of ramp up time upfront. Plus, the longer we work with your business, the more time we'll have to understand its needs. We take pride in our ability to deliver best-fit talent from day one. However, the more time we get to know your organization, the better the results will be in the end. 


A full-service staffing agency like Randstad can address your talent, workforce and IT needs all in one place. As a large organization with a global reach, you get the benefits of our established talent network and the power of today's latest sourcing technologies — all delivered with the personalized, consultative approach of a boutique firm. 

If you're interested in learning more, get in touch with us today and find out all the ways Randstad can help your business.