what is a procurement specialist?

A procurement specialist goes by many titles, including purchasing manager and buying agent. Whatever the term, your job is to help your company get products from other companies. You handle every step of acquiring goods, properties, and even services from other businesses. Typically, you keep track of inventory at your business and take note of when new items need to be purchased. You might also work with other coworkers to identify the needs that the business has. Once you find an item you need to order, you shop around, find the right seller, and negotiate the right price. Your tasks also include arranging delivery and ensuring products arrive on time.

industries that use procurement specialists

One of the leading industries for procurement specialists is consumer goods. In these jobs, you shop for the items that a store sells. Procurement specialists also work in manufacturing. In these situations, you shop for the materials and other raw goods that your business will turn into finished products. Other popular choices for procurement specialists include the technological and medical fields. You might help your business get computer hardware, medical devices, or other tools needed to achieve success.

Would working as a procurement specialist suit your ability to think creatively and thrive while multitasking? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a procurement specialist role.

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average procurement specialist salary

Would you like to know what a procurement specialist earns? Where the highest salaries are paid for a procurement specialist? Then check out this procurement specialist salary page and find out all about the salary of a procurement specialist in the USA.

walking downstairs
walking downstairs

types of procurement specialist

Since this field contains so many different tasks, procurement specialists are usually categorized based on what they purchase. Some procurement specialists are direct purchasers that buy goods and services that are usually for resale. These specialists have very in-depth knowledge of the categories they work with and tend to spend a lot of time analyzing profit and inventory. Meanwhile, indirect procurement specialists buy whatever items the business needs to function. They don't purchase items that are for resale and instead buy things like materials. This job requires you to have a broad understanding of how the business works.



working as a procurement specialist

What's it like to be a procurement specialist? It's a challenging field that comes with a lot of opportunities to succeed. Here's what you can expect in the typical procurement specialist job.


procurement specialist skills and education

Being a procurement specialist isn't usually an entry-level job. Before you get this position, you need to spend a little time learning about the world of business, finances, and logistics, as well as honing your skills.

procurement specialist having discussion
procurement specialist having discussion

FAQs about working as a procurement specialist

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about procurement specialists.

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