what is a recruiter?

As a recruiter, you collaborate with managers and identify future hiring needs. You use employee referrals, social media networks, and internet searches to attract clients. Your academic HR (Human Resources) background makes you ideal for assessing, screening, and interviewing clients.

attract the best talent

As a recruiter, you attract and keep the best talent for your company. You help your organization grow a strong talent pipeline. To do this, you create recruitment strategies and then work to implement them. Your employer needs you to update job descriptions and specifications as they change. The task analysis you do gets used to analyze job requirements and objectives.

You prepare recruitment material and use newspapers, job boards, and colleges to find new candidates. As you screen and interview these candidates, you filter out those who do not qualify for the job and identify the best talent for your organization.

help people start their position

Your responsibilities go beyond attracting new talent. You are a critical part of your organization’s onboarding and integration process. Your work with HR improves and monitors HR recruiting practices. They rely on your recruiting reports and analytical documents.

You act as a liaison between potential candidates and the company. Your goal is to build relationships throughout the selection process. Your organization looks to you to promote the company. You promote your organization as the best place for quality candidates to work.

Would working as a recruiter suit your interest? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a recruiter role.

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average recruiter salary

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Smiling female in a video call
Smiling female in a video call

types of recruiter

Recruiters fall into different types: corporate recruiters, retained recruiters, contingency recruiters, outplacement recruiters, and staffing agency recruiters.


working as a recruiter

As a recruiter, you help people get ready for interviews. You show them how to create resumes and cover letters and teach them how to act in an interview. You interview clients and instruct them on labor laws and basic industry knowledge.


recruiter skills and education

Successful recruiters come from different educational backgrounds, with degrees in fields like psychology, business, sociology, human resources, and marketing. But what they all have in common is the study of human behavior. In order to be a great recruiter, it is important to understand how people fit into different roles.

You can learn people skills from everyday interactions, but learning from formal and informal sources is also essential. Taking advantage of both types of learning will benefit your career as a recruiter.

skills and competencies

  • attention to detail: You work with a small talent pool. You need to remember details. This includes the people you have talked to, their willingness to change jobs, and their current position.
  • marketing skills: Your success depends on sticking out and finding talent quickly. There are more job positions than there are applicants. You sell the position and the company.
  • communication skills: You link the candidate and the company. The impression you make can attract or discourage candidates from applying.
  • relationship-building skills: This is key to building rapport. You nurture relationships between candidates and the company. You advocate for both sides, creating positive candidate experiences.
  • multitasking: You screen applicants, conduct interviews, run background checks, and consult with current employers. The better you do multiple things at once and excel at them, the better you will do in this role.
  • confidence and the ability to listen: You are hiring others for a role for which you have no experience. Your confidence in your skills lets you find the best person for the job.
close up, female smiling
close up, female smiling

FAQs about working as a recruiter

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about recruiters.

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