what is a talent acquisition specialist?

Talent acquisition specialists help attract the right people to an employer by sourcing and providing information about job candidates. This could include market research and competitor analysis, advertising jobs and sourcing appropriate candidates internally and externally. A talent acquisition specialist works with the management team to understand a prospective employee's strengths and aspirations. You communicate how this experience can be reflected in job performance and how it provides support for managers.

In this role, you'll work with internal clients to ensure their recruitment strategies deliver against their objectives. Expect to research and develop successful candidate acquisition strategies, such as events, online ads or social media. Typical workdays also involve reaching out to candidates to encourage applications and support marketing initiatives by promoting them through various channels. Talent acquisition specialists work alongside teams in engaging with the right kinds of employees for different roles across all business units.

Would working as a talent acquisition specialist suit your skill or interest? Then read on to discover what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a talent acquisition specialist role.

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average talent acquisition specialist salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary earned by a talent acquisition specialist is $62,290. However, this figure varies depending on several factors, including your employer and the role you are in. Your set of skills and experience, as well as your personality, are all factors that determine how much you earn. If you're a qualified talent acquisition specialist, your salary would depend on your market, employer and role size.

The size and success of your employer will also impact your earning potential. There is also a variation based on your experience level in the company. Normally a talent acquisition specialist works full-time, and you should expect your hours to vary according to the business. You may be asked to work overtime at certain times of the year or during the busiest periods. Sometimes, talent acquisition specialists work long hours and weekends. As a talent acquisition specialist, you would receive a basic salary which, depending on what stage you are at in your career, could increase significantly.

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male and female talking and smiling.
male and female talking and smiling.

types of talent acquisition specialists

Talent acquisition specialists fall under the category of recruitment consultants. In a talent acquisition specialist role, you work for an employer as part of a recruitment team. This team may make up of members from across different departments. The people part of this team include the HR manager, the head of talent acquisition and the overall talent acquisition manager.

Depending on what organization you work for and your employer's recruitment needs, you would be asked to focus on one department or another within your company. You also work with other departments to implement recruitment projects, such as recruiting for internships or temporary roles. Your responsibilities vary depending on your employer's needs and what stage you are at in your career trajectory.


working as a talent acquisition specialist

Working as a talent acquisition specialist involves a lot of interactions. Here's what you can expect to work in this field.


talent acquisition specialist skills and education

If you have a degree, you may be eligible for an entry-level talent acquisition specialist job. Your certificate or degree should be in business administration, education or communications. This would give you the knowledge and skills necessary to do your job.

The profile of a typical talent acquisition specialist is someone who has excellent communication skills, is creative and well-organized and enjoys working in an international environment. As this field can support people with different education and career backgrounds, it may be useful to consider becoming a talent acquisition specialist if you have experience working in HR, marketing or recruitment. It would also benefit you to gain an understanding of the business environment within which you are operating.

  •  skills and competenciesteamwork skills
  • the ability to work under pressure to meet deadlines
  • a good education, usually a bachelor's degree in business administration or human resources
  • an interest in people and a desire to meet them and understand their needs
  • creativity and passion for human resources, recruitment, marketing and business development to help you to stand out from other candidates during the selection process.
  • marketing skills to market yourself well to potential new clients for your company
  • marketing and communication skills, such as writing and speaking
  • familiarity with social media, especially Facebook
  • IT skills like Google AdWords or Excel to recruit for a business online
  • language skills to communicate with people from around the world in various languages

FAQs about working as a talent acquisition specialist

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about talent acquisition specialists.

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