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Two pressing workforce challenges — one innovative private-nonprofit partnership solution. Randstad is proud to introduce Transcend, a best-in-class skilling program designed to address widening divides in both skills and opportunities. From working with our clients, we've seen how many are struggling to find talent with the skills they need to stay competitive in our new normal. We also know that the widest net has not been cast to invite diverse communities and individuals to the table.

Through Transcend, candidates from traditionally underrepresented talent pools gain access to training and opportunities in the areas today's employers need most.

who's eligible

To reach our goal of reskilling 40,000 American workers and to provide additional resources to impact economic equity for diverse populations, Transcend is focused on engaging a broad community of underserved individuals with untapped potential. To be eligible for the program, participants must meet the following criteria:

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age and citizenship

  • 18 years or older
  • legally able to work in the U.S.

Graduation Cap


  • high school diploma, GED/TASC or educational equivalent
  • rising college juniors or seniors
  • higher education

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other considerations

  • second-chance opportunities
  • youth aging out of foster care
  • individuals with other career-opportunity barriers

Paths to Transcend are just as diverse as the talent we serve. Participants could be college students looking to enter the workforce, teachers interested in pivoting from the classroom to a corporate environment or even a former entrepreneur looking to reposition their skills. Reskilling for the future means welcoming everyone with the talent, drive and willingness to pave their way in the new world of work.

how it works

Transcend provides skilling opportunities for talent across four in-demand vertical paths.

account management

account management

financial services

financial services

non-clinical healthcare

non-clinical healthcare



phases of the program

Once sourced, talent undergoes an eight-week capacity-building program led by Transcend faculty. Phases of the program include:

workforce training

Talent receive the foundational hard- and soft-skill training they'll need to thrive in a new role. Focus areas include:

  • comprehensive skills assessment
  • emotional intelligence
  • certification opportunities
  • project and collaborative team management

career planning

Career preparation takes center stage, empowering talent with the tools they'll need to land their target positions. Topics covered include:

  • resume development
  • individual development planning
  • work-based learning opportunities
  • corporate functional responsibilities

ecosystem partnerships

Talent gets on-the-job experience through interim work-based learning opportunities with Randstad clients. This phase is designed to foster:

  • outreach
  • client partnerships
  • mentor matching and coaching
  • wraparound services

when does it happen?

Transcend welcomes new participants every two months. Current rolling program dates:

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dr. belinda johnson white

meet the transcend faculty

dr. belinda johnson white

An accomplished leadership and professional development subject-matter expert, Dr. White has built her career as a consultant in the areas of leadership and professional development for diverse for-profit and nonprofit organizations. A self-proclaimed servant leader, Dr. White is the current founder of BuildingLeaders and a retired associate professor and management program director at Morehouse College as well as a former University of Wisconsin School of Business CPED faculty member. She holds degrees from Spelman College (B.S.), Georgia Institute of Technology (M.S.) and Georgia State University (Ph.D.), with additional leadership development certifications from the Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government and the University of Georgia Terry College of Business. In 2017, she published "Focus in Action Is Great Leadership," her second book based on her extensive research and teaching in leadership and professional development.

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Whether you're looking for great new talent or your next great opportunity, Transcend is here to help.

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