new urgency around

reskilling and upskilling.

the changing landscape

The need to continually acquire new skills and proactively stay ahead of tech-driven change has probably never been felt so acutely, or by so many, across the workforce. The fact is, the global pandemic not only changed the fabric of the workplace, it rapidly accelerated digital transformation at organizations across the board, too. And that’s casting a spotlight on new digital proficiencies as never before — and creating challenges for employees and employers.

At Randstad, we're committed to touching the working lives of 500 million people by 2030 through the launch of new training and development opportunities, with the immediate goal of skilling 40,000 workers through 2021. After all, as the world's largest HR firm, we’re uniquely positioned to provide advanced workforce solutions that can power the success of employees and employers alike. Below are a few of the ways we’re doing it.

strategic skilling partnerships

Randstad continues to advance upskilling and reskilling opportunities to enhance the working lives of talent we support and ensure the needs of our clients are being met. The following are examples of partnerships that assist us in our efforts:



Utilized by job seekers, working talent and coaches, our partnership with Udemy enables Randstad talent to take advantage of free learning opportunities, upskill and even earn professionally relevant licensure. The courses on Udemy cover key business, personal development and soft skills. Plus, you can earn technical certifications on topics like AWS, Cloud, CCSIP, PHP, MEAN, Python, AI, machine learning, CISA, CISM, CEH and many others.



Our Coursera partnership offers free upskilling and reskilling opportunities to job seekers exploring in-demand careers.

mind tools


In addition to the Randstad University option extended to all Randstad employees, MindTools is a partnership providing educational courses and webinars to help talent along the path to improving their skills.

randstad risesmart


RiseSmart is a Randstad brand that provides courses, coaching and certifications to those undergoing career transitions.

real-world skills, real-world opportunities

The TRANSCEND program offers its participants opportunities to learn new skills that are necessary for today’s in-demand jobs, engage with key industry leaders, benefit from virtual training and work directly with companies that offer real career opportunities.

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employer partnership

Randstad believes that talent growth is critical to future employability and has joined the upskill effort as a Premier Partner of Amazon Career Choice. Randstad supports Career Choice Graduates in finding a job that is right for them, enriching labor markets worldwide in the process!

amazon career choice
amazon career choice

Amazon Career Choice is an innovative Amazon program uniquely designed to upskill their hourly employees who are interested in pursuing a future outside of Amazon. Amazon pre-pays 95 percent of educational costs up to an individual lifetime maximum of $12,000. In partnership with local and global educators, the program offers eligible employees the tools and training they need to pursue their career aspirations in high-demand career paths beyond Amazon. Career Choice is operational in 14 countries, with more than 25,000 global participants to date.

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