Engineering is at the heart of every product-centric business. In order to be set apart from competition, leaders must have more than just skills, process, and technology to meet the needs of today. They have to be agile and forward-thinking enough to adapt to the emerging needs of the future. From regulated industries like aerospace and automotive to non-regulated industries such as renewable energy and consumer product manufacturing, there is growing pressure for organizations to be alert and responsive, without compromising the work of today.

For 30 years, Randstad Engineering has studied the evolving needs of our customers and offered expertise, flexibility, and scale to solve the most complex problems through consulting, projects, and outsourcing. Our core expertise aligns with design, development, and testing of embedded software, electronics products, engineering applications, test equipment, simulation tools, and more.

To help accelerate the product development lifecycle, Randstad Engineering Services also offers ancillary services that govern, transform, deploy, integrate, and maintain product engineering efforts beyond traditional channels.

Let’s talk about how Randstad can help you face the top 5 product engineering challenges head on, so that you can confidently address the needs of today and be prepared for tomorrow.

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top 5 challenges of an engineering leader

  1. talent scarcity and skill gaps
  2. tight deadlines, backlogs and pressure to be agile
  3. regulatory and compliance issues
  4. emerging trends in product innovation
  5. spearheading organizational change

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table of contents

  • top product engineering trends
  • Randstad Engineering Solutions overview
  • solutions offerings
  • service accelerators