permanent placements vs. short-term staffing

It can be tricky to choose the right hiring plan when you’re part of an industry that’s always evolving. To help you make that decision, our life sciences staffing teams work with you to consider core skill sets, skill level and whether those skills form part of your future plans.

permanent placement

  • long-term needs
  • key core skill sets
  • higher skill levels and managerial roles

contractor staffing

  • short-term tactical needs
  • expertise not core to the business
  • interim or project based needs

expertise you can trust

From executive search to direct-placement hires, our life sciences staffing experts are perfectly placed to make the whole process effortless and efficient.

When you trust Randstad’s unrivaled expertise, you’ll benefit from:

  • our extensive global reach
  • an expansive database that’s second to none
  • decades of proven industry experience
  • recruiters with direct experience of working in pharma
  • searches of any size or speciality

And because all searches are contingent, results are guaranteed — meaning no wasted expenditure!

Think full-time permanent hires might not be for you? Visit our staffing page to find your perfect fit.

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