A large pharmaceutical and biotechnology company was racing to develop a COVID-19 vaccine but needed to scale quickly in order to respond to the growing pandemic. Unfortunately, many of the highly skilled and specialized roles needed for safe and effective vaccine development are harder to find and typically take longer to fill. Up against the clock, the client turned to Randstad for support.


Randstad’s relationship with the client was preexisting, having already found key talent acquisition (TA) hires for them in the past. This allowed us to hit the ground running, as our experts already had a keen understanding of the client’s business and hiring needs.

Adding to the challenge was the fact that the client’s talent needs were twofold:

  • talent to support both initial vaccine development
  • talent for subsequent manufacturing and distribution

Understanding that these were niche roles not commonly found on job boards, we dipped into our deep network of qualified, pre-vetted professionals to identify candidates quickly, and worked in concert with the TA team we’d previously placed to ensure the client had a strong list of potential hires.


Not only did we help the client fill all necessary roles through both contract and full-time hires, we helped them secure talent for the key leadership positions of director of pharmacovigilance and associate director of drug product — mission-critical roles necessary for safe and successful vaccine development and production. With time on the line, Randstad’s vast talent network and existing relationships with qualified professionals in the field proved to be a difference-maker, with the company’s vaccine being one of only two to secure FDA approval — a key step in ushering in a new phase in the fight against the pandemic.

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