The client, a $10 billion global financial services firm, needed a managed services solution to update and improve knowledge-base information for their global service desk and command center. Specifically, they were worried about overall knowledge database ownership for their standard operating procedures — and also hoped to expand knowledge articles across the organization. With outdated support documents and review processes in place, however, they had a long way to go. Concerned that service desk call volumes kept spiking, the client came to Randstad for solutions.

randstad technologies solution

After analyzing 8,000-plus knowledge-base articles to determine their usefulness in supporting service requests and uncover potential knowledge gaps, the team from Randstad got to work:

  • developing articles for the client’s command center, chat support and end-user environments
  • cataloging end-user documents in ServiceNow, which simplified both management and the user experience
  • publishing content for other teams while guiding them through the process of setting up articles, workflows, reviews and more


We handed over to the client centralized, up-to-date and easy-to-navigate knowledge-base content — but that was just the beginning. Highlights of the engagement included:

  • reducing the volume of calls to the client’s service desk by 1,000 per month, despite a simultaneous 2,000 increase in the number of users
  • increasing monthly knowledge-base views from around 1,000 to nearly 5,000 per month within the first year (currently 7,000 knowledge-base views per month)
  • automating the client’s review processes and providing regular reporting to evaluate content efficiency
  • instituting a regular review process for operational-readiness documents, which ensured the ongoing value of our work by checking for accuracy and updates every six months

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