This $15 billion global food giant faced numerous problems as a result of aging and outdated network equipment, causing frustration and inefficiencies throughout its plant and distribution facilities. Specifically, operations were crippled due to poor Wi-Fi signal strength between the company’s voice-directed picking application and its warehouse management system, resulting in decreased overall productivity and efficiency.

Hoping to better leverage wireless access and deploy new technologies, the client decided to upgrade wireless and local area networks at 70 North American plants and distribution facilities, with a planned two-and-a-half-year roll out. And to kick things off, the client wanted to start with a three-site pilot project, with the goal of little or no production downtime.


The company selected Randstad Technologies for its WAN/LAN upgrade based on our extensive deployment experience, quality focus, innovative approach and structured — yet scalable — delivery model.

Randstad Technologies took an integrated approach to address the client's need. Key features of our solution included:

  • a proprietary, tablet-based Android application to automate inventorying and documentation of existing equipment and display floor-plan schematics for all redesigned networks
  • a post-installation survey, using the app to display new equipment and cabling configurations, as well as test wireless coverage during project completion
  • staging, kitting and configuring new equipment, conducted at Randstad Technologies’ Frisco, TX facility
  • installation of new equipment and cabling, management of site cutover, re-IPing and testing of all equipment and decommissioning of all unused equipment and cabling

Randstad Technologies offered the client complete transparency and robust communication throughout the engagement, including project details and progress updates through our project management portal.


With work on the three pilot projects completed, Randstad Technologies was directed to upgrade all of the 70 planned sites. After implementing a faster, more stable and secure network, the client achieved a range of benefits, including:

  • improved speed, reliability and security across all facilities, leading to greater employee productivity
  • a network that can easily accommodate growth and expansion as demands on the network increase
  • a more secure and safe infrastructure, reducing the risk of intrusion or corruption
  • reduced time required to conduct site surveys, alongside lower overall project costs, through the development of a proprietary survey app  

Throughout the project, Randstad Technologies leveraged its formal continual service improvement (CSI) program to ensure work proceeded quickly and effectively. The integrated solution has strategically positioned the client to take advantage of additional opportunities, including the acquisition of new technologies that build on its new growth capabilities. Get in touch with us today.