After being remote for two years, a Fortune 10 healthcare company needed to ensure 38 locations across the U.S. were ready for workers to return to work. The company expected it would take 160 workers and $1.5 million to get facilities ready in just five weeks.

randstad technologies solution

  • Randstad created a national staffing solution to screen talent via video, streamlining the process and allowing us to surface quality talent faster.
  • We leveraged global talent delivery to match the volume of resources needed to deliver the project.
  • To mitigate attrition, Randstad provided project-completion bonuses if talent completed their project. This came at no additional cost to the client.
  • Randstad also provided the client with the option to retain and/or convert any desired resources to full-time employees at the end of project.
  • Lastly, we gave the client a dedicated team focused on onboarding, payroll and compliance.


  • The project was completed on schedule and came in approximately $500,000 under budget.
  • In less than three weeks, Randstad interviewed over 460 candidates — and hired 143.
  • Seventy percent utilization was met on day one of the project across all 38 locations — and we maintained that rate throughout the project thanks to our proven retention model.