A leading business process outsourcing (BPO) firm needed to build a fully remote customer service department. Sounds simple, right? After all, that’s something countless organizations have done successfully. But for this company, there was a catch: Due to the nature of their business, their customer service reps would need to pass a rigorous and thorough background and location check. This meant that many otherwise qualified candidates would be out of the running, leaving the company with a drastically limited pool of talent from which to hire — so they came to Randstad for help.


To recap, candidates would need:

  • at least a year of customer service experience
  • the ability to work remotely, including proof of a secure working location 
  • a willingness to sometimes work long or odd hours
  • a squeaky-clean background without so much as a hint of a red flag 

We’re no strangers to overcoming hard-to-satisfy job requirements, but even we were almost stumped — until we found the perfect solution: military spouses.

Educated, stable and often looking for roles that allow for remote work and frequent moves, military spouses were the ideal fit, and we got right to work. We built a recruiting campaign designed to pique the interest of military spouses — and we couldn’t be happier about how well it worked.


In a two-week period, we hired over 1,100 customer service professionals for the client — and 400 of them were military spouses. The client was thrilled at the quality of the military-spouse candidates and commented frequently on how well they interviewed, their valuable degrees and overall professionalism. The spouses themselves benefited from stable, long-term roles that allowed for remote work and flexible schedules. That’s a win/win for everyone involved.


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