Lack of standardization across onsite WAN connectivity was causing our client, a $195 billion pharmaceutical and supplies distributor, serious IT support headaches. The client’s core IT staff was unable to upgrade these sites efficiently and quickly in order to meet the rapidly evolving demands of the business — and one strategic partner had already failed to deliver on goals. The client chose Randstad Technologies due to our expertise in deploying SD-WAN connectivity and our ability to deliver quickly and efficiently.


Recognizing the breadth of the challenge, Randstad’s team quickly got to work:

  • implementing robust project management practices governing the scheduling and coordination of multiple customer partners required at each location
  • conducting pre-cutover visits at each location to verify requirements, install equipment and identify any additional work
  • documenting cutover processes for each site and creating step-by-step playbooks for action


Key outcomes of the engagement included: 

  • delivering on SD WAN connectivity goals across all sites
  • significantly bolstered the speed and efficiency of the project by conducting all pre-cutover visits in two hours and cutover activities in only one
  • mitigating broad-based support challenges
  • empowering the client with the ability to deploy more quickly and efficiently going forward