As companies across the board continue to struggle with liquidity issues, enact cost-control measures and contend with both short- and long-term revenue impacts, the latest white paper from Randstad surfaces some of the surprising ways that COVID-19 changed employee expectations, as well as how companies can adapt their compensation and benefits strategies — and even their overall workforces.

Key findings include:

  • Transparency is increasingly key for organizations today. But does that mean you should make salary information public? Hear what employees think.
  • Every organization is handling the ongoing crisis in different ways. But is that making their employees more loyal — or less? The answer will surprise you (and HR leaders just might discover that they have some new cost-control levers to play with).
  • COVID-19 has brought generational differences to the fore, and you can see that in the latest trends around compensation. Find out what the implications are for your organization.

Critical shifts in compensation practices and expectations have been overlooked in the deluge of forecasts, analyses and white papers that have come out since the crisis. It's time to change that. With these insights, we're shining a light on the one area where human capital outcomes and bottom-line health are most intimately connected.

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