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overview: Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, only 22% of companies had the infrastructure in place to support mass remote working — and yet, despite that fact, an estimated 37% of organizations to date have successfully implemented mandatory, company-wide work-from-home policies. That's a testament to organizational agility and highlights the power of surprises and setbacks to reveal surprising capabilities.


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But there may be a more immediate lesson from the pandemic in the eyes of enterprise leaders. Namely, that the stakes around disaster recovery planning (DRP) and business continuity planning (BCP) are going to be higher than ever before. In fact, I believe that many organizations will pursue a state we might call "permanent agility" — a state where business models and priorities can shift, and DRP and BCP capabilities adapt right along with them.

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Graig Paglieri

graig paglieri is the ceo of randstad technologies group and managing director of global professionals.