Want to hire faster without compromising on quality? We've got five solid tips to help you balance speed and excellence in the hiring process.

Hiring quickly without hiring poorly is a high-stakes balancing act for managers. With 2023 seeing longer time-to-hire averages across various industries, the pressure is on to develop fast yet thoughtful hiring approaches. Here are five proven tactics to help you hire the right people faster, without sacrificing quality.

1. embrace technology as a key accelerator

In the digital era, technology is your best friend for turbo-charging your recruitment cycle:

  • Applicant tracking systems (ATS) simplify the process of sourcing, screening and tracking candidates, allowing you to quickly zero in on top talent.
  • Virtual interview and assessment tools not only gauge candidates' skills and organizational fit but also make the hiring process seamless, irrespective of geography.
  • AI-enabled screening software can rapidly parse hundreds of resumes, pinpointing the most promising applicants based on your specific needs.

A couple more tech tips: To make your life easier, think about linking your ATS with your human resource management system (HRMS). This move can reduce the paperwork when someone goes from “candidate” to “new hire.” Also, don't overlook mobile recruitment apps. They let your team check out new applications and reply on the go, making those first steps in the hiring process faster and more flexible.

2. use quality-of-hire data to keep getting better

Regularly checking in on the performance of your new hires can help pinpoint which recruitment channels are getting you the best results, fastest. This data-driven approach can speed up your hiring process, allowing you to focus your efforts on what actually works. Don’t just trust your gut — let the data guide you to faster, smarter decisions that align with your company’s long-term goals.

3. encourage close collaboration between HR and hiring managers

Hiring is a team game. Clearly defined hiring criteria, structured interviews and evaluations are excellent tools, but they only work if everyone is on the same page. Use easy-to-navigate collaboration platforms like Slack or Asana to keep all team members in sync and up-to-date.

4. keep candidates in the loop

Crystal-clear job postings help attract the people you want to hire and cut down the time spent sorting through mismatched applicants. Keep candidates posted throughout the process. Even if they're not the right fit this time, providing them with the best possible candidate experience could encourage them to try again later, giving you a head start on future hires.

5. create a go-to talent bench

Want to hire fast without sacrificing quality? Maintain a database of pre-screened talent. Regularly engage with them — whether through a newsletter that talks up your commitment to sustainability and inclusion, blogs that give a window into daily life at your company or real-time updates on social platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook. And don’t overlook the power of internal referrals; they're a quick route to quality hires.

By putting these strategies to work, you'll not only fill roles faster but also set your organization up for long-term wins. Do you need a hand getting started? Get in touch with Randstad today for all your hiring and recruitment needs.