Bridge the construction talent gap with our actionable strategies — from investing in new technologies to recruiting a diverse workforce.

The construction industry is facing a severe challenge: a lack of workers that threatens to hamper its growth and competitiveness. In a 2022 survey by the Associated General Contractors of America, 93 percent of firms reported having open positions. Of these companies, 91 percent had trouble filling at least some positions.

The problem isn’t so much a manpower shortage as a skills shortage. More than three-quarters (77%) of respondents in the AGC survey said that available candidates simply lacked the abilities to work in their industry. From craft positions like pipelayers and concrete workers to salaried jobs like project managers and estimating personnel, nearly all roles suffered from a scarcity of qualified candidates.

Do these challenges sound familiar? We can help. Here are some strategies to bring top talent into your construction business and keep them engaged.

offer competitive salaries and benefits

Let's face it, money talks. Use resources like the Randstad Salary Guide to benchmark median wages and salaries in the positions you’re hiring for. To stand out among competitors, consider offering above-average compensation. Enhanced health benefits and professional development opportunities also move the needle, as do signing bonuses to help cover relocation costs or other expenses workers may face when starting a new job.

embrace technology and automation

Investing in new technologies not only makes your firm more competitive but also appeals to tech-savvy job seekers who want to stay ahead of the curve. If you use, or are planning to use, technologies like drones, robots, virtual reality and wearable devices, state this prominently in your job advertisements. Technology, particularly social media, can also help you reach younger workers who may not browse traditional job boards. Laid-back recruiting campaigns on platforms like Instagram and TikTok can engage this demographic.

strengthen your apprenticeship programs

Apprenticeships have long been a staple in the construction industry, but it could be time to revamp your programs to make them more effective. Partner with local trade schools and community colleges to develop comprehensive and up-to-date curriculums that will teach technical skills and offer hands-on experience. Building these partnerships will provide a steady stream of qualified workers and bolster your company's reputation as a leader in employee development.

boost your employer branding

In this competitive labor market, it's essential to showcase your company as a great place to work. Use social media, your website and other digital platforms to tell your firm’s story, share employee success stories and highlight the benefits of working for you. Compelling content and a strong online presence can help attract potential employees and keep your current workforce engaged and proud of where they work.

recruit more women at all levels

Creating a diverse and inclusive work environment is crucial for drawing in a broader range of exceptional talent. Women are particularly underrepresented in the construction industry, making up only 10.3 percent of the workforce. Women may face barriers or challenges in advancing their careers, such as a lack of role models, mentors or sponsors or limited access to training or education. Also, women may have different needs and preferences than men regarding work-life balance, such as childcare or family responsibilities.

Provide equal opportunities for women to develop their skills and pursue leadership or management positions. And as part of your employer branding and outreach initiatives, showcase successful female role models who may inspire women to apply for open positions.

offer flexible work arrangements

Achieving work-life balance has become a growing priority, particularly among the younger workforce. Offering flexible work arrangements, such as telecommuting options for office-based staff, staggered shifts or part-time opportunities, can make your firm more attractive to new candidates and help with retaining your existing workforce.

work with Randstad

Tired of sifting through applications from candidates who lack the necessary skills to succeed at your firm? We offer a wide range of pre-employment screening options, including skills tests and background checks, tailored to your needs. Get in touch today and let us help you build a skilled and dedicated workforce for a successful future.