The digital age has opened up new possibilities for finance and accounting recruitment. Equip yourself with the latest tech tools and insights to stay ahead of the curve.

The era of paper resumes and telephone screenings is fading as finance and accounting firms embrace new recruiting methods and technologies. Hiring managers and HR teams now have access to digital platforms and data analytics that empower them to make fast and well-informed hiring judgments

Let’s explore the ins and outs of digital transformation in finance and accounting recruitment, including the advantages and the challenges you might face.

a road map to digital recruitment success

If you’re looking to incorporate digital recruitment into your overall hiring plan, here are a few things to consider:

AI and machine learning can trim time-to-hire

One of the most significant benefits technology brings to recruiting is the ability to speed up the screening process. By utilizing platforms that employ AI and machine learning to scan resumes and qualifications, firms can more quickly vet candidates, schedule interviews with those who meet the criteria and filter out the rest. Plus, these systems can spot trends and make connections that might slip past human eyes, giving a fuller picture of a candidate’s potential.

a vibrant online presence is key to success

Make sure your firm is active on social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, and keep your profiles up to date. Use social media accounts and job sites to get the word out about openings and digitally connect with potential hires.

flexible interviews expand your talent pools

Remote work isn’t just a trend — it’s reshaping how we connect, even through the hiring process. Virtual interviews, perfect for those early get-to-know-you assessments, help ensure you don’t miss out on top talent just because they’re on the other side of the state (or even the country). So, make sure you and your hiring team are comfortable using tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams while still prioritizing face-to-face meetings whenever possible.

tracking hiring metrics improves outcomes over time

Data is your friend in digital recruitment. Track which channels are delivering the best candidates, the time-to-hire and how long new employees stay with the company. Use this information to tweak your hiring game plan so that you’re focusing your efforts in the right places.

the challenges & limits of digital recruitment

Despite the appeal of cutting-edge technology, it does present a few hurdles for your hiring team. One challenge? Keeping up-to-date with the latest digital tools and best practices, which might mean setting some time and resources aside for training. Consider designating “tech ambassadors” within your finance and accounting teams — individuals who are tech-savvy and can take the lead in learning new digital tools and then share their knowledge and best practices with their co-workers.

The IT dimension is another thing you need to get right. Any platforms you use must respect candidate privacy and keep data safe. You’ll also need a robust contingency plan to cope with potential security breaches, outages or downtime. Build a good working relationship with your IT team — they’re equipped to deal with any technical snags quickly, minimizing disruption to your recruitment process.

Finally, don’t forget the personal touch that sets apart great hiring in the finance and accounting sector. While technology can work wonders in streamlining the initial stages, it can't match the human eye when it comes to assessing a candidate's suitability for your team. Use tech tools to do the initial heavy lifting — sifting through data and keyword scanning — but when it comes to understanding if a candidate has the skills and temperament to thrive in your organizational culture, trust your humans.

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