Campus recruiting used to mean in-person career fairs, but in the wake of COVID-19, things are changing. Find out how the world of early talent acquisition is evolving and learn how you can use tactics like virtual recruiting to your advantage.

College campuses have long been fertile ground for finding new talent to bring into your company. Traditionally, campus recruiting has been done through in-person career fairs, and while these types of events are still very effective, they’re no longer the be-all, end-all solution.

As technology continues to evolve and the ways we interact with each other change, particularly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have had to re-evaluate their recruiting strategies and find new ways to attract college students and new graduates.

Here are just a few ways campus recruiting is changing — and how you can use them to your advantage.

leverage virtual recruiting

In the last few years, nearly every aspect of business has gone virtual, including recruiting. More and more companies — and college students — are getting accustomed to virtual career fairs. For your business, this offers several benefits.

First, geography is out the window. Many companies have made the move to fully or partially remote work arrangements, and this allows you to recruit and hire from almost anywhere. Utilizing technology, you can form connections with schools that were traditionally off your radar because of distance.

Next, it saves you money. The costs for travel, booth fees and other expenses related to in-person recruiting can quickly add up.

Whether you use a fully virtual or hybrid approach, you’ll miss out on talent if you don’t include some remote tactics in your recruiting strategy.

focus on social media

Nowadays, you can’t understate the importance of social media. Members of Gen Z, including college students and recent graduates, are incredibly tech-savvy, and they’re using social media to network in new ways.

Turn to social platforms like LinkedIn to connect with potential hires and network virtually. LinkedIn is also a great place to post job openings and gain some visibility with your target audience. You should also consider having your company leadership and employees share relevant content, including exciting career updates, on their personal accounts to help build an online community around your company, cast a wider net and attract more potential new hires.

showcase your company culture and benefits

Remember that college students are also very passionate about things like diversity and inclusion (D&I), philanthropy and corporate culture, so be sure to advertise these. Show them how your company makes everyone feel welcome, and don’t shy away from discussing your D&I initiatives. Volunteerism and charitable investments are also extremely important, so share the ways your organization supports the communities it serves and tell them how they can get involved.

Don’t forget that benefits matter, too. Today, candidates are looking beyond just salary and paid time off and are considering things like wellness programs, flexible work schedules and mental health support. The more you can show you care about your employees’ overall wellbeing and work-life balance, the better off you’ll be.

In-person recruiting events haven’t gone anywhere, but they’re just part of the equation now. And if you’re looking for graduate talent but need additional resources to keep up with the latest recruiting trends, we’re here to help.