Technological advancements have made data acquisition easier than ever before. But these  changes necessitate shifts in clinical trial personnel for the sake of efficiency. Meaningful datasets are now compiled through a variety of sources including telehealth, surveys, and wearables, to name a few.  

However, this glut of data needs context to increase value and improve efficiency, which requires more specialized training and personnel. As methods of data acquisition continually evolve so too must the talent you need to ensure accurate and timely analysis.

pursue experts in data plus biology

The profile sponsors are looking for has shifted to reflect demand. John Ebeid, Senior Vice President of Randstad Life Sciences, elaborates:

“We’ve seen a profile change for sure. A decade ago, data managers were programmers,” he says. “Now with real-world datasets, sponsors want people who know the science while still doing the statistical analysis — not just a data scientist, but a biologist who can put data in context.”

Such specialized talent is uncommon, and the market to retain them is highly competitive even beyond biopharma. So what can you do to attract and keep great people?

look globally to fill needs

Talent acquisition of this caliber is already a challenge, and utilizing even the smallest advantages can help secure quality personnel.

“You should be resourcing for these roles globally,” Ebeid says. “Many of the resources that we find in this space who are excellent at what they do are all over. They’re not just in the primary hubs for life sciences and drug development on the West Coast.”

Increasing the geographic range for quality candidates offers a better chance of locating talent. The resources you need aren’t limited to one particular area or specific industry, and a little outside of the box thinking can go a long way toward improving search results.

promote interior mobility and training

Make the most of your current resources through training and interior mobility. Simply put, use the quality talent you already have while attracting the talent you need. After all, a learning and growth mentality encourages your workforce and keeps them primed for new challenges and technologies.

To increase efficiency use targeted training to supplement gaps and improve processes. In addition, offering interior mobility can entice new talent and help retain existing talent, keeping your workforce agile and motivated.

let staffing partners do the heavy lifting

Staffing partners now play a larger role in life science talent acquisitions with global networks and supplemental support services. Ebeid points out that a partner like Randstad can help sponsors go further.

With global resources and access to multiple industry networks, Randstad can locate quality candidates and assist in modifying current workforces. This helps you create effective teams with the skills to adapt and succeed in a volatile trial landscape.

To learn more, explore Randstad’s playbook on 2023 biopharma staffing trends here.