Generation Z is reshaping the warehouse workforce. Check out our essential do’s and don’ts for appealing to younger candidates.

Let’s talk about Generation Z, the newest wave of workers born from 1997 to 2012. Driven by more than just a paycheck, Gen Zers want work that resonates with their beliefs, offers flexibility and provides growth opportunities. 

This can make recruiting and hiring Gen Z for warehouse jobs a bit tricky. To get them on board, you have to understand what makes them tick and show them how a role in a warehouse can fit what they’re looking for.

Here are some do’s and don’ts for successfully recruiting Gen Z for warehouse jobs.

do embrace technology and innovation

  • How? Introduce cutting-edge tools like wearable tech for inventory tracking or augmented reality for training. Emphasize how these tools make the job more efficient and engaging.
  • Example: Implement smart glasses for hands-free picking and packing, reducing errors and speeding up the process.

don't assume one size fits all

  • Why? Assuming all Gen Z workers are alike or tech-obsessed can backfire, leading to a lack of engagement and connection.
  • Example: Rather than assigning tech-heavy tasks based on age, create diverse teams that mix skills and interests. This approach respects individual strengths and avoids stereotyping, fostering a more inclusive environment.

do offer career development opportunities

  • How? Provide clear pathways for advancement and continuous learning. Offer certification, mentorship and cross-training programs and promote from within.
  • Example: Start an initiative where employees can rotate through different roles in the warehouse, gaining a well-rounded skill set.

don't underestimate the power of flexibility

  • Why? Gen Z values work-life balance. Non-negotiable schedules can be a deal-breaker for top talent.
  • Example: Implement a system where employees can choose (or swap) their shifts or work hours within operational constraints to accommodate their personal commitments.

do foster a culture of inclusion and respect

  • How? Aim to build a workplace where everyone feels like they belong. Encourage open dialogue and ensure all voices are heard.
  • Example: Start a “buddy system” where younger hires are paired with more experienced workers, promoting cross-generational understanding and a more collaborative workplace.

don't just do the bare minimum on safety

  • Why? Demonstrating that you go above and beyond standard safety protocols can significantly boost the confidence and productivity of younger hires.
  • Example: Introduce a safety management software tool that allows employees to provide anonymous feedback on safety practices. This tool can identify areas for improvement and involve everyone in a collective safety effort.

do be honest about the nature of the work

  • How? Clearly communicate the realities of warehouse work. Acknowledge the physical labor and routine tasks involved, but also highlight how reliability and strong performance can lead to rewarding opportunities.
  • Example: Highlight a success story of an employee who started in a basic packaging position and progressed to a supervisory role managing inventory and logistics operations.

Attracting Gen Zers to your warehouse means creating an environment where their unique needs and goals are met. This isn't just good for them — it's great for your productivity and team morale.

Let Randstad help you get there. We've got the know-how to connect with Gen Z and a pool of talented, vetted candidates just waiting for the right opportunity.