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When it comes to cloud migrations, it might surprise you to learn that:

  • One out of three result in failure.
  • Very few organizations — just one in four — meet their cloud-migration deadlines.
  • Nearly three out of four organizations have moved an application to the cloud, only to reverse course and move it back to their own infrastructure.

Of course, there are any number of reasons why technology projects fail: lack of internal buy-in, misalignment between teams, inadequate resources or budget and more. But lopsided findings like the above suggest two questions should be top of mind: What are so many organizations getting wrong? And what can your organization do differently to realize the full value of your cloud-migration journey instead?

Find out in our latest white paper, “Journey to the Cloud.” This deep-dive analysis, anchored in research and the latest empirical evidence, connects the dots between motivations, execution, outcomes and more. It’s must-read material for organizational leaders reading the tea leaves — or simply readying their businesses for the road ahead.