relevate match

advanced matching technology to find the best candidates for your jobs

Our AI-powered talent-matching engine helps us deliver best-fit candidates faster than ever before. But you don’t lose the trusted human relationship you’ve built with your Randstad team. That one-to-one relationship is a core part of who we are, and that will never change. The difference is that our strong human connection is now underpinned by a revolutionary talent-matching engine that elevates our partnership.

relevate schedule

a workforce planning tool for scheduling across the organization

Relevate Schedule is a versatile, smart solution that streamlines scheduling and reporting processes. With an automated scheduling process in place and data at our fingertips, we’re able to get the right people for the right jobs right away. That means we can fill and backfill shifts faster and more strategically — saving you time and money.

relevate HR portal

centralized hub for invoicing and e-billing

Today's fast-paced world requires fast-paced solutions for our clients across all aspects of working with Randstad — including billing. Our client HR portal offers direct access to the billing information you need to help keep your books balanced.