Forget everything you think you know about professional search. At Tatum, we are redefining professional talent acquisition with our human forward approach, giving you the specialized opportunities and strategic capabilities you need to get ahead of competitors, enable growth and transform your industry.

How? With our extreme expertise, forged from years of in-depth experience as an industry-leading business advisory firm. With our unrivaled knowledge, as a proven catalyst of business growth backed by the reach and resources of Randstad, our parent company and the world's largest HR services provider. And with our focus on building meaningful and long-lasting relationships, so our clients and talents know we’re not just service providers, but trusted partners.

At Tatum, we understand that the rapidly changing workplace demands forward-looking, x-factor thinking. That’s why as we deliver professional placements across accounting and finance functions, from controllers to finance directors, senior-level professionals and more, your experience with us is tailored, collaborative and best-in-class.

Welcome to the future of professional search.

here are five things that set us apart

  • A nationwide scope, with an unparalleled talent network. The relationships we have nurtured over time mean you have access to 100 percent of our talent, both passive and active.
  • Depth of experience, with dedicated subject matter experts — former finance heads and certified accountants — who bring a wealth of industry knowledge to every engagement.
  • Speed to market, with proprietary tech and data that allow us to find the best talent for your organization.
  • An unmatched network of professionals, allowing you to leverage our extensive relationships with professional talent to build best-in-class teams at your company. 
  • A focus on partnerships that gives you a hands-on, collaborative relationship you won’t find anywhere else. From the outset, we’ll work consultatively with you to understand your requirements, timeline and success criteria.

We’re committed to creating enduring business value by building true partnerships with our clients. Contact us today to find out how we can thrive together.

here’s what sets us apart

  • A nationwide reach, which allows us to match you to the best opportunities regardless of geography. Our unrivaled knowledge, specialized experience and market reputation also mean that you are part of an exceptional network of highly sought-after professionals.
  • Depth of experience, with expert recruiters who bring a wealth of industry knowledge and connections to every job search.
  • Extreme expertise, with proprietary tech and data that allow us to find the right placement for your skills and career trajectory.
  • A focus on partnerships, so you receive the hands-on, individualized attention you deserve. We’re not just another headhunting firm — we’re a trusted partner that speaks your language and understands your reality.

We establish long-lasting relationships that help you excel in your career. Reach out to us today.