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Shift-based work presents challenges for managers and team members alike. Between last-minute callouts, time off and unpredictable sick days, it’s hard to be prepared for everything. Particularly when the unexpected happens, it can be hard to trade shifts or coordinate to backfill via text, phone and email. If only there was a way to manage shift-based work in one place. There is — and it’s called Relevate Schedule, part of the relevate technology suite from Randstad.

relevate schedule for managers

Relevate Schedule is a versatile, smart solution that streamlines scheduling and reporting processes. With an automated scheduling process in place and data at our fingertips, we’re able to get the right people for the right jobs right away — and that means we can fill shifts faster and more strategically. In fact, at client sites where we have deployed Relevate Schedule, we’ve reduced the amount of time spent communicating with talent via phone by 80 percent. This enables us to provide more value, in areas like recruiting great candidates and on-site talent engagement.

relevate schedule for team members

Sometimes life gets in the way of a team’s shifts. When an unexpected life event happens, it can be hard to communicate and arrange coverage with other team members in a timely fashion. But with Relevate Schedule, we can manage and coordinate shift changes all in one place

benefits for you

Relevate Schedule can make life easier for everyone involved in shift-based work by delivering efficiencies and eliminating the headaches that come with scheduling and rescheduling. With Relevate Schedule, leaving voicemails for a staff member or managing schedules on paper are a thing of the past.

  • automate complex employee scheduling
  • reduce labor costs
  • improve employee engagement
  • improve employee communication
  • ensure compliance

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