Now is a time of accelerated transformation for the energy sector, with high-tech innovations as well as governments investing billions of dollars in R&D and infrastructure. These activities are creating well-paying jobs – good news for engineers and skilled laborers, but creating challenges for employers during this time of extremely low unemployment.

Just as the energy sector is evolving, so must hiring practices. Effective recruitment today calls for a deep understanding of new skill sets and industry trends. Speed and agility are essential.

With a vast network of specialized candidates across the US, we are staffing experts for manufacturers in the energy sector. Our customized workforce solutions cover:

power utilities – regulated utilities or independent power producers (IPPs)

  • plant management and operations
  • maintenance/reliability
  • purchasing
  • engineering

equipment providers

  • design
  • engineering
  • startup and commissioning
  • specialty talent

engineering/EPC firms

  • construction management
  • site safety
  • planning, scheduling, estimating, and budgeting
  • control

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