There’s no question the staffing and recruitment industry is growing substantially, with millions of Americans employed on any given business day. If you’re an active job seeker or simply looking to expand your career horizons, connect with a recruiter who can combine the best technology and staffing expertise to speed up and simplify your job search. Randstad US sheds light on five reasons to consider working with a staffing agency:

  • Access to "secret" jobs. Recruiters are often tasked by companies to hire for positions not advertised. The only way to find them is through a staffing agency. Often, these positions are the most sought after in the marketplace, and at some of the most desirable places to work. 
  • Nearly all companies rely on staffing agency.

    As the economy embraces an “on-demand” workforce, more and more employers are turning to staffing firms who use emerging job search technologies alongside their human instincts to deliver the best-fit talent they seek. In fact, more than eight in 10 employers (82%) at least somewhat agree by 2025, their reliance on staffing/recruiting partners will increase, according to Randstad’s former Workplace 2025 study.
  • Recruiters can be your career agent.

    Let’s face it, wading through the online world of hundreds of job boards, company ads and social media can be complicated, time-consuming and frustrating. You don’t have to go it alone. A recruiter can help you with your job search, enhance your resume, provide career advice and more. The best recruiters are those who look beyond your resume to understand your career goals, workplace expectations and values to identify the best-fit jobs for you within the digital landscape.
  • Not just for temps!

    Many people assume staffing agencies only offer temporary positions. Recruiters are often asked to search for full-time, permanent and temporary-to-hire positions across a wide range of industries. Even workers who begin working as a temporary employee are often hired permanently after proving their value. 
  • It’s free.

    There aren’t many things you get for free these days, but working with a staffing company is one of them. With the vast amount of benefits a job seeker can access through a staffing firm, why wouldn’t you work with one? 

“We know how important a job is in a candidate’s life, and are passionate about helping people reach their true potential,” said Jim Link, chief human resources officer, Randstad North America. “As a trusted human partner in today’s technology-driven world, we provide guidance and expertise to candidates and ensure they are recognized as individuals, not just another resume.” 

Given that more than half of employers (51%) named staffing/recruiting firms as their most effective method to recruit full-time and contract workers, job seekers should take advantage of staffing firms to improve their chances for a successful job search.