what is a marketing manager?

As a marketing manager, you promote a brand, service, or product. You ensure the company communicates the right message to retain and attract prospective customers. You specialize in all things marketing-related and oversee and plan various activities in this role. Your job will be to launch marketing activities like social media campaigns, events, and email marketing.

Marketing managers lead marketing teams to ensure their efforts are fruitful. Your job is to estimate the market demand for your employer's products or services and develop a creative strategy for driving customer interest through multiple channels. Most companies develop a marketing process to simplify and ensure their strategies align with the company policies.

As a marketing manager, you work in various industries. If you are interested in financial services, you could supervise financial services sales agents and insurance agents. Alternatively, you can work for retail businesses or manufacturing and focus on finding big clients for bulk purchases.

With the dynamic marketing industry, most employers prefer marketing managers with expertise in digital marketing techniques. You don't need specialized qualifications or expertise in the business sector, but you must adapt to the changing consumer needs to keep up with the competition.

Would working as a marketing manager suit your skills? Then read on to find out what competencies and qualifications you need to thrive in a marketing manager role.

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average marketing manager salary

Would you like to know what a marketing manager earns? Where the highest salaries are paid for a marketing manager? Then check out this marketing manager salary page and find out all about the salary of a marketing manager in the USA.

four colleagues having a meeting
four colleagues having a meeting

types of marketing managers

Some of the types of marketing managers include:

  • brand marketing managers: You build a company's brand awareness as a brand marketing manager. You find marketing strategies that positively market your company, highlighting the benefits of choosing the brand over its competitors.
  • content marketing managers: As a content marketing manager, you supervise the creation and publication of content. Your job is to drive traffic to the organization's website and provide value to customers with helpful content.
  • digital marketing manager: As a digital marketing manager, you develop and implement marketing campaigns for online channels. You improve social media advertising and search engine rankings of the company to improve visibility and the company's online presence.

working as a marketing managers

The work of the marketing manager is to get the word out and improve the visibility of a company in online and offline marketing channels. Let's explore the specific roles and duties of a marketing manager.


marketing manager skills and education

To embark on the journey of becoming a marketing manager, it is essential for you to obtain a bachelor's degree. Consider pursuing a bachelor’s degree in marketing or business management or an associate degree in communications, which will equip you with the foundational knowledge needed for success. Your coursework encompasses crucial subjects such as advertising, pricing, research, consumer behavior, sales, and online retailing. To enhance your versatility and adaptability, you may also opt to take courses in technology or visual arts, which can expand your skill set.

While not obligatory, completing an internship during your degree program is highly recommended as it allows you to gain practical experience in the field. This hands-on experience should complement your academic knowledge and provide you with valuable insights into the real-world dynamics of marketing.

Furthermore, obtaining an MBA could greatly distinguish you in the competitive job market. You have the option to pursue a specialized MBA in marketing, which focuses specifically on marketing strategies and tactics. Alternatively, a general MBA program can provide you with a broader understanding of finance, leadership, and human resources, complementing your marketing expertise and positioning you as a well-rounded professional.

Consider supplementing your core coursework with additional courses in technology or visual arts to enhance your knowledge base. Pursuing an internship and, if feasible, obtaining an MBA can further enhance your qualifications and set you apart in the field of marketing.

skills and competencies

As a marketing manager, the following skills are instrumental:

  • leadership: Your responsibility is to lead and motivate your team towards achieving specific goals.
  • technical skills: The marketing field requires expertise in utilizing specialized software, tools, and equipment for designing, manufacturing, and distributing marketing materials.
  • organizational skills: Your ability to effectively manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously is crucial. You will need to make decisions regarding various assignments at different stages of development.
  • communication: You would regularly interact with coworkers, team members, and the company's customer base. Your strong communication skills are essential for effective collaboration.
  • creative skills: Marketing is a creative endeavor, and as a marketing manager, you must generate unique and captivating strategies to promote products and elevate brand awareness.
  • people skills: As a manager, your people skills play a vital role in your success and the success of your team. Effective communication and interpersonal skills are essential for building strong relationships with your team members, fostering trust, and creating a positive work environment. By actively listening to your team, providing constructive feedback, and addressing concerns, you could establish open lines of communication and ensure that everyone feels valued and heard. Your ability to motivate and inspire your team members is also crucial in driving productivity and achieving goals.
female working at her desk
female working at her desk

FAQs about working as a marketing manager

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about marketing managers.

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