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Any Randstad Technologies, LLC (“RT”) Candidate [1] or current Contractor (Contractors include individuals employed by RT as a W-2 employee, an RT independent contractor or a TPV employee on assignment through RT) who refers an IT candidate to RT may receive a referral fee based on the skill category matrix below for the successful placement of the referred candidate within six months from the date of the referral in accordance with below guidelines. RT Clients and their employees are not eligible for and may not receive a referral fee under this program.

Talent Referral Reward Program Overview Table
Talent Referral Reward Program Overview Table

A tiered structure will be applied to the talent referral bonus as outlined below. To qualify for tiered payout, the bonus must be paid in the same calendar year. If a referral bonus payout crosses into another calendar year, the tier is reset to the base amount.

  • Tier 1: Base Amount listed in the table above
  • Tier 2: Second referral bonus payout at 1.5 x base amount
  • Tier 3: Third referral bonus payout at 1.75 x base amount
  • Tier 4: Fourth or greater referral bonus payout at 2.0 x base amount

[1] RT Candidates are individuals with an existing Xplore record and resume on file.

requirements and qualifications for candidate referrals and payment details

  1. Randstad Technologies (RT) must have not submitted the referred candidate in Xplore in the preceding 45 days.
  2. Referral fees are paid only after the referred consultant working in a temporary position completes three months of service in a full-time contract or, for permanent placements, after the entire placement fee is received by RT from its client and RT’s standard guarantee period of 30 days has lapsed.
  3. Referrals are processed at the end of each calendar month.
  4. An IT Contractor employed by a third-party vendor cannot receive payment for referring an IT candidate employed by that same third-party vendor.
  5. Referrals are only paid out when the referred individual is placed by RT in an IT contract or permanent position. Non-IT placements and placements by other Randstad Lines of Business are excluded from this RT Referral Reward Program.
  6. Referral bonuses are only paid out one time regardless of how many times the referred individual is placed by RT.
  7. IT candidate referrals are valid for six months from the date of referral for purposes of generating a referral fee.
  8. Those eligible for a referral fee have two months after notification of eligibility to claim those referral fees and provide documentation required to pay the referral bonus (i.e., a signed W-9 or other information as needed).
  9. Depending on employment classification/status and the dollar value of referral fees paid to an individual in a calendar year, referral fees may be considered taxable income. Questions regarding tax treatment of referral fees should be sent to:
  10. An RT client or RT client employee is not eligible to receive payment for referring an IT candidate, regardless of whether the candidate is placed with that RT client or any other RT client.
  11. Payroll placements do not qualify for this program. A payroll placement is when an RT client identifies and sources the candidate and requests that RT payroll the individual while on assignment with the client.
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