3 reasons why HR is the coolest career on the planet

  • career advice
  • August 08, 2017

If you’re already an HR professional or thinking about becoming one, there is arguably no better time to embrace the world of human resources. Today’s global competition and pace of technological innovation have put a higher value on talent and particularly those who hire and develop that talent. And, with the lowest unemployment levels in years, the rise of the gig economy and a less loyal workforce, there is tremendous need for people who can find, keep, develop and manage talent today.

Perhaps one of the most exciting changes to take place in the profession is a move away from being viewed as a largely transactional cost center to now being considered a vital partner in achieving an organization’s strategic objectives. While there are many factors as to why HR is undergoing a Golden Age, we’ve handpicked three of the top reasons to call HR your profession.

1. Technology has been great for the profession.

The emergence of HR technologies, such as HR Analytics, data and automation, is one of the largest drivers of the profession’s bright and critical future. It has allowed HR professionals to rid themselves of many cumbersome and time-consuming administrative duties, freeing up time and resources to be more strategic. At the same time, the ability of HR professionals to gather, analyze and leverage data on important talent-related aspects means you have more power and knowledge to truly impact the business.

Also, new HR technologies have helped to offload many of the tasks traditionally managed by HR professionals. Today, employees and staff have access to “self-service” applications that allow them to enter in timesheets, request time off, reporting in sick or updating personal information. This offers you more freedom to work on business-related outcomes and how talent can influence those outcomes.

2. HR hiring and salaries are on the upswing.

Of course with any potential profession, you want one that promises future growth and opportunities. We have some good news. According to the 2017 Bloomberg HR report, HR staffing is at record levels. The median ration of human resources staff to total employee headcount is at an all-time high of 1.4 full-time equivalent HR employees for every 100 workers served by the HR department. In fact, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of HR specialists is expected to grow by 21 percent from 2010 to 2020. Want more good news?

HR salaries are also on pace to rise more quickly in 2017. The median hike in HR’s staff salary budget is 4.2 percent this year, up from the previous two years. For more insight into average HR salaries, check out our 2017 HR salary guide.

3. Your HR job matters to a lot of people.

It may sound cliché, but the truth is HR professionals can greatly impact the lives of people – from maintaining their livelihood and positively influencing their health and wellness, to helping support personal passions and philanthropy. Consider this: companies spend about $87.5 billion on internal training programs, and $21.9 billion on tuition reimbursement programs.

As an HR professional, you have the opportunity to manage and offer these programs to employees who are in need of upskilling or developing. You are also in the position to help others through philanthropic and community-give-back programs. A recent report found 62.6 million adults volunteered through an organization last year and altogether donated nearly 7.8 billion hours. It falls solely on the HR department to maintain and communicate these valuable programs.

And, don’t underestimate the power of finding people jobs. There are over 200 million visits to the internet looking for jobs. In the HR profession, you can be responsible for hundreds, even thousands, of people securing their dream job.

Still need convincing?

If you’re not convinced HR is the coolest career on the planet, contact a Randstad recruiter to gain more insight into the world of HR. If you are ready to launch your HR career or simply boost it, check out these available HR job openings.