5 reasons accountants rock

  • career advice
  • May 19, 2017
This year, May 22 is National Accounting Day. We wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t have this special day marked on your calendar, post Tax Day. But we think it’s a great excuse to pause and recognize the hard-working accounting professionals who toil every day to keep the books, file those tax extensions and prepare financial statements. To celebrate, we decided to share five reasons number crunchers like you rock.

1. Accounting is popular among celebrities 

Did you know Bob Newhart launched his career practicing accounting? J. P. Morgan also started out as a junior accountant. Even more celebrities studied accounting at some point, including Janet Jackson, Mick Jagger, John Grisham, Kenny G, Eddie Izzard and Robert Plant. Cool, right?

We should probably also give movie star Ben Affleck a nod for his movie The Accountant. We’re not quite sure this is an accurate representation of the field, though.

2. An accountant invented bubble gum

Did you know that modern bubble gum was invented by an accountant? Walter Diemer worked in accounting at Fleer, a gum manufacturer, whose product wasn’t selling well. The gum was too sticky and easily broke.

Diemer enjoyed experimenting with gum recipes and stumbled upon one that became an instant hit. Dubbed “Dubble Bubble,” his gum was tasty and less sticky than existing gum, and chewers could easily blow bubbles.

Unfortunately, Diemer didn’t patent his invention, but  looked on it as a proud parent nonetheless. In his old age, he reportedly rode his large tricycle around his retirement village, giving out bubble gum to the local children.

3. Accountants are crime fighters

Move over Batman! The Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) employs more than 2,000 accounting special agents. These forensic accountants conduct the financial investigative portion of complex cases across a wide variety of programs, investigating terrorists, spies and criminals of all kinds who are involved in financial wrongdoing. It’s a great gig for accountants who yearn to use their mad math skills to solve crimes. 

4. The accounting profession is booming

The most recent data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) show there were more than 1.3 million jobs for accountants in the United States. These include enrolled agents, corporate tax accountants, auditors, tax preparers and more.

5. The future of accounting is bright

The employment market for accountants is extremely competitive. With a large number of accounting job openings across the United States, there was an average of 31 candidates per job opening in October 2016, making accounting jobs challenging to fill, according to Randstad research. BLS estimates that accountants will experience double-digit growth through 2024.
If you're an accountant, make a point to do something nice for yourself. If you supervise an accounting professional, take time to offer your appreciation with rewards and recognition. And by the way, be sure to mark International Accountants Day on your calendar (that’s November 10) — another welcome opportunity to celebrate the profession.

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