celebrate women who rise against the odds.

  • career advice
  • March 05, 2018

As more and more women feel emboldened to raise their voices and fight for workplace issues that matter most to them — from sexual harassment to equal pay and development opportunities — it’s important to reflect on progress made and recognize there are many more milestones yet to be attained.

Randstad’s lineup of female leaders in the U.S. serves as a testament to our commitment to an equal and inclusive workplace. These women are also great examples of how you, too, can find yourself on the right career path if you have the right mindset. We asked what advice they have for other women navigating the workplace...

audra jenkins

chief diversity & inclusion officer, randstad, north america

 "It is important to have a mentor, an advocate and a voice. Everyone needs a mentor, no matter how well you perform or what position you are in. An advocate, particularly a more senior associate, is important to give you the visibility and recognition you deserve. And ultimately, you need the company culture that encourages you to speak up and to pursue growth opportunities. If you don’t have all three, you may have difficulty gaining long-term traction in the workplace.”

denise dettingmeijer

chief financial officer, randstad north america

 "Replace the angst of not being perfectly qualified for an opportunity with the true desire to learn everything you can by embracing that opportunity. As your world expands, you gain comfort in learning from failure and build confidence. So actively seek new opportunities — you’ll realize all you can imperfectly do and your career will soar.”

kristin kelley

chief marketing officer, randstad north america

Invest in a plan and know where you want to go. Create steps toward people who will help you on your journey. Meet as many people of influence as you can and stay top of mind with them. Ask for help when you need it — whether it be from managers or peers, sponsors or mentors — and drive those personal connections."

traci fiatte

ceo, professional and commercial staffing, randstad U.S.

In your professional life, there will be successes and failures, good days and bad. It is likely you’ll come across hurdles in the workplace that may deter your career path. If you are passed for a promotion or miss your sales goal for the month, it doesn’t reflect on your capabilities as a professional. Don’t allow a bad event to ruin your day, and don’t let fear of trying again prevent you from moving forward. Rather, learn from your mistakes and gather the tools to effectively advance your career."

alisia genzler

president & chief client officer, randstad technologies

Lead by example. What you do is so much more important than what you say. Therefore, as a leader, you should be the hardest worker, the most prepared and the one willing to do the jobs that no one else wants to. I have always told people to raise their hand and volunteer for things even if they’re not sure how it will go. It will probably be stressful but don’t shy away — believe in yourself!”

jodi chavez

randstad professionals and life sciences

"Always invest in your personal and professional growth. Own your development; don’t leave it in the hands of the company you work for. Take online courses, read leadership and self-development books and follow the careers of leaders who inspire you — even if they’re outside of your industry. Ultimately, remember you are the professor of your own learning.”

rebecca henderson

ceo, randstad sourceright

"Women have a tremendous opportunity to invest in their personal and professional growth, and it often involves just one key action: You have to ask. Ask for the opportunity to contribute to that next big work or volunteer project. Be bold and put yourself in contention by raising your hand. Make sure it’s clearly understood you are ready, willing and highly able to take on the next big challenge. And then be prepared to work hard and advocate for yourself, and for others, to continue to grow.”

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