interactive human forward mega branch.

  • finding jobs
  • September 26, 2017

Randstad’s new, interactive Human Forward Mega Branch combines the best offerings from our brick and mortar branches with digital interactivity. Launching as Randstad’s most progressive branch, clients and job seekers will now be able to interact with the latest technology to empower — not overshadow — personal human relationships. Research shows job seekers are frustrated with an over-automated recruiting process when it supersedes the human aspect of the process. Randstad’s new Human Forward solves this problem by embedding today’s intelligent machines and technology within the fundamentally human talent-acquisition process. Delivering on this promise, Randstad launches the interactive Human Forward Mega Branch.

Highly interactive HR technology at the Human Forward Mega Branch allows talent to access both digital job search tools and personalized career guidance services. The immersive experience is guided by a virtual assistant, who invites candidates to start their search using in-office kiosks to explore new career paths and find the best jobs to match their personalities. This virtual aspect of the experience includes technology from companies Randstad invests in through its Innovation Fund, like gamification platform Pymetrics, which offers fun and engaging ways to find the best-match opportunities.

Clients and candidates are able to connect with internal associates across almost every line of business at Randstad, creating an uninterrupted line of communication. Complementing the technology is the familiarity and comfort of human interaction, where candidates meet one-on-one with expert recruiters to get personalized interview and resume advice.

If you are in Atlanta, visit Randstad’s new, interactive Human Forward Mega Branch at 990 Hammond Drive #200, Atlanta, GA 30328. The branch’s hours of operation are 8 a.m. ET to 5 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday.