the newer the order is, the more likely you are to get the job.

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  • November 13, 2017

At Randstad Healthcare, we’re committed to be your career concierge in the Healthcare Staffing market. Very simply, we want to get you to the job you love in the place you want to be and earning the money you deserve with the least amount of hassle.

Recently, many of you received an email that we are working as hard as possible in a tightening market to give you market advantages through Randstad Healthcare. We mentioned that how quickly we can present you to clients is a key criteria to obtaining the best positions.

Over the past few months, we have seen more than 28 percent of our placements occur with openings that are under a week old (and over 60 percent in under two weeks old), compared to just a few months ago when just under 23 percent of our placements were from openings less than one week old. Take a look at the chart below showing just how competitive it is becoming to obtain the best new positions:

Percentage of placements based on the age of the order

As we have stated in previous communications, in addition to links to articles highlighting the competitive healthcare staffing market, we wanted to let you know how to potentially increase your odds of getting the best positions:

  1. Keep in touch with your agent: Make sure your Randstad Healthcare Agent knows when you are available to take your next assignment.
  2. Provide your Randstad Agent all the details we need in order to be able to submit you to opportunities as soon as we learn about them — without having to do back-and-forth phone calls! It’s important that we know where you are willing to work, what shifts and schedules will work for you and we agree with you on a market range for your compensation in each location you desire (rates by states and even cities can vary dramatically). 
  3. Keep Randstad up-to-date with letters of recommendation and other credentials that could be required for submitting your information to a potential employer.

To learn more, contact your Agent today or view some of our many jobs here.