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An organization’s success and profitability depend greatly on having talented accounting and finance pros at the helm. Employers today demand forward-thinking individuals with an eye for detail and strong accounting and general ledger software skills.

top in-demand accounting and finance jobs

1. loan processor

job description: Loan processors perform clerical and administrative support activities related to obtaining loans for borrowers, prepare papers and assemble required documents. From there, they forward applications for loans, construction plans, credit ratings and related documents to loan companies for approval. They also draw up closing papers and record deeds with title companies and municipal authorities.

skills or certifications needed: loan processing, loan administration, mortgage lending, communication skills, customer service, detail oriented, organizational skills, microsoft office

skills or certifications needed:

  • loan processing
  • loan administration
  • mortgage lending
  • communication skills
  • customer service

average salary: $33,000 - $43,766

low: $25,700 - $43,766

high: $35,555 - $59,286

2. accounts payable clerk

job description: An accounts payable clerk calculates, posts business transactions, processes invoices, verifies financial data for use in maintaining accounts payable records, and provides other clerical support necessary to pay the obligations of the organization. Assembles invoices to be completed for payment. Calculates all extensions and totals on invoices. Verifies all coding, reviews invoices and requisitions for satisfactory payment approval, checking vendor files for any previous payments.

skills or certifications needed: accounting, microsoft excel, data entry, coding, credit, microsoft office, reconcilliation, filing, verifying

skills or certifications needed:

  • accounting
  • microsoft excel
  • data entry
  • coding
  • credit

average salary: $40,492 - $45,718

low: $33,572 - $37,905

high: $46,949 - $53,008

3. collections manager

job description: A credit and collections manager manages activities of workers engaged in conducting credit investigations and collecting delinquent accounts of customers. Assigns workers responsibility for investigating and verifying financial status and reputation of prospective customers applying for credit, preparing documents to substantiate findings and recommending rejection or approval of applications. Determines responsibility for investigation of fraud cases. Establishes credit limitations on customer account.

skills or certifications needed: management, communication skils, management, customer billing, microsoft excel, detail-oriented

skills or certifications needed:

  • management
  • communication skills
  • customer billing
  • customer service
  • microsoft excel

average salary: $46,119 - $69,989

low: $36,509 - $49,122

high: $57,333 - $87,140

4. financial analyst

job description: A financial analyst analyzes financial data an organization and estimates future revenues and expenditures. Runs and documents financial analysis projects. Aids organization with financial functions, such as assessing, auditing, planning, budgeting, taxes, consolidation, cost control and project control. Evaluates and analyzes capital expenditures, depreciation, proposals, investment opportunities, rate of return, profit plans, operating records, financial statements, etc.

skills or certifications needed: accounting, finance, microsoft excel, reporting, financial risk management, forecasting, budgeting, audit, revenue, reconcilliation

skills or certifications needed:

  • accounting
  • finance
  • microsoft excel
  • reporting
  • financial risk management

average salary: $76,921 - $92,241

low: $67,486 - $80,927

high: $87,422 - $104,834

5. insurance underwriter

job description: Insurance underwriters assess applicants for insurance to determine whether or not they should be insured — and, if so, they recommend appropriate premiums for the associated level of risk. Insurance underwriters also use software to analyze risk profiles and calculate costs. They work closely with insurance agents.

skills or certifications needed: underwriting, mortgage lending, microsoft office, financial risk management, customer service

average salary: $63,371 - $85,193

low: $45,102 - $69,30

high: $74,236 - 95,076

skills or certifications needed:

  • underwriting
  • mortgage lending
  • microsoft office
  • financial risk management
  • customer service

6. staff accountant

job description: A staff accountant readies and maintains financial and business transactions, applying accounting principles. Evaluates alternative means of treating transactions. Considers the need for new or changed controls. Projects accounting data to show the effects of proposed plans on capital investments, income, cash position and overall financial condition. Interprets the meaning of accounting records, reports and statements. Advises operating officials on accounting matters.

skills or certifications needed: CPA, accounting, reconcilliation, microsoft excel, accounts receiveable, balance sheets, reporting, auditing, GAAP, financial reporting

skills or certifications needed:

  • CPA
  • accounting
  • reconcilliation
  • microsoft excel
  • accounts receiveable

average salary: $65,370 - $78,390

low: $59,103 - $70,875

high: $72,880 - $87,395

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