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Randstad’s employment experts have an extensive understanding of hiring trends and national and local market fluctuations. Using our vast knowledge of the workforce, we’ve predicted the five best engineering jobs for 2017.

The engineering field continues to evolve due to the recent post-recession boom and technical innovation. To capitalize on the country’s economic growth, organizations are expanding and looking for additional workers to fill traditional roles and a few key emerging positions. Competition remains high for the most popular hot jobs; however, there are thousands of available positions across the country, many in some of the largest metropolitan areas. As such, the engineering market is experiencing a lower unemployment rate compared to the national average.

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five best engineering jobs for 2017.

Randstad collected data from our expert recruiters to determine the hot jobs that will be most in-demand and emerging over the next year. Our team looked at a variety of current workforce trends, including number of qualified candidates and available positions, market growth, salary range and employer need for specific skillsets to predict the five best jobs in the engineering field for 2017. After carefully considering this information, Randstad anticipates the following five roles to be the careers in demand for engineering:

best in-demand jobs

validation engineer

Validation engineers help develop and test the systems and equipment used to manufacture goods, such as medical devices and pharmaceuticals. The number of postings for this best job declined in October 2016 compared to the same time in 2015; however, the demand for these professionals is expected to increase as organizations ramp up production due to the growing economy. Search for validation engineer jobs in your area.

construction project manager

Similar to the outlook for validation engineers, construction project managers are expected to be in high demand in 2017. The rebounding economy has led to an increase in construction, and these professionals oversee projects from start to finish. The majority of positions for this hot job are located in large or growing urban areas. Search for construction project manager jobs in your area.

controls engineer

Controls engineers develop automated systems that perform actions without the need for human interaction. These professionals generally have a higher level of education and training and are highly sought after by some of the nation’s most innovative organizations. Search for controls engineer jobs in your area.

robotics engineer

As the title suggests, robotics engineers design and develop systems that control robots. These professionals need to be knowledgeable about technological trends and proficient in computer programming. As of October 2016, there were less than 5,000 potential candidates in the workforce, but you can expect that number to increase. Search for robotics engineer jobs in your area.

embedded engineer

Embedded engineers are essential to the success and profitability of organizations across the country. These professionals write code, design circuits, ensure quality and implement solutions that keep operating systems running smoothly. In October 2016, there were nearly 1,500 postings for this best job, most of which were in major metropolitan areas. Search for embedded engineer jobs in your area.

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