2017 manufacturing and logistics
hot jobs.

Randstad’s employment experts have an extensive understanding of manufacturing and logistics hiring trends and national and local-market fluctuations. Using our vast knowledge of the workforce, we’ve predicted the 10 best manufacturing and logistics jobs for 2017.

Manufacturing has long been the backbone of the American economy, so it’s no coincidence that the manufacturing and logistics sector has been surging since the end of the recession. Over the past few years, organizations have been able to increase production thanks to new technology and innovative systems — which has increased the demand for skilled trades workers to assemble, package and transport products. Job volume is typically high in most markets across the country, but there is also a high number of candidates so those with previous experience and training may have a competitive advantage.

manufacturing and logistics national data

ten best manufacturing and logistics jobs.

Randstad collected data from our expert recruiters to determine the hot jobs that will be most in demand and emerging over the next year. Our team looked at a variety of current workforce trends, including number of qualified candidates and available positions, market growth, salary range and employer need for specific skillsets to predict the 10 best jobs in the manufacturing and logistics field for 2017. After carefully considering this information, Randstad anticipates the following direct hire and temporary roles to be the hot jobs in demand for manufacturing and logistics:

best temporary in-demand jobs

production supervisor

Production supervisors are responsible for overall daily efficiency of production output, overseeing and coordinating activities of workers engaged in the manufacturing process, managing the schedules and safety of production line workers and ensuring the quality of goods being produced. These employees generally have production/quality leadership experience with at least three to five years’ related experience. Demand is high for this role across the country. Search for production supervisor jobs in your area.


Drivers are the bridge that connects products from the manufacturer to the customer. These employees are responsible for safely transporting goods and ensuring proper documentation of cargo. As organizations continue to manufacture more products, the need for responsible drivers increases. In fact, there were hundreds of thousands of job postings across the country for this role as of October 2016, which is a 67 percent increase in just one year. Candidates for this role will need a current valid driver’s license and a clean record, professional appearance and good people skills. Search for driver jobs in your area.

warehouse supervisor

Responsible warehouse supervisors are necessary to ensure efficiency in storage and distribution of goods. While production supervisors oversee the creation of products, warehouse supervisors are in charge of training and evaluations, maintaining records and ensuring employees follow company policies and safety standards. These employees generally have at least three to five years’ warehouse operations experience, including forklift, pallet jack and hand-truck experience, computer knowledge and the ability to stand for long periods of time. Search for warehouse supervisor jobs in your area.

maintenance mechanic

Maintenance mechanics oversee the upkeep and operation of production machines found in a warehouse or distribution facility, and assist in developing a preventive maintenance schedule. Maintenance mechanics efficiently prioritize repairs to keep production on schedule. These employees must have the ability to stand and move for an entire work shift. Demand for candidates in this role is expected to increase in 2017. Search for maintenance mechanic jobs in your area.

machine operator

Machine operators are responsible for set-up, operation and maintenance of machines and equipment during production procedures. These employees must have the ability to stand and move for an entire work shift. The role has seen growth over the past several years because organizations have increased production due to the rebounding economy and new technologies, and we expect demand to keep climbing. Search for machine operator jobs in your area.

best permanent in-demand jobs


Loaders/unloaders are responsible for taking packages and cargo on and off delivery trucks. Organizations are looking for job candidates with the ability to lift 30 to 50 pounds for at least six hours of an eight hour shift and who thrive in fast-paced work environments. Demand for these employees is expected to increase as companies ramp up production and emphasize delivery deadlines. Search for loader/unloader jobs in your area.


Assemblers are the workers who assemble and perform quality checks on products and parts. Generally working in an assembly line, these employees are responsible for a specific part of the production process and typically stand, stoop and bend for long periods of time. The need for these types of employees is trending up due to increase production across the country. Search for assembler jobs in your area.

general production worker

General production workers are expected to fulfill most basic duties required in the manufacturing process. From operating machinery to assembling products, these employees are vital to the success and efficiency of a production team. Candidates for this role with experience in a variety of skilled trades will be at an advantage during their job search. Search for general production worker jobs in your area.

forklift operator

Organizations depend on forklift operators to move, count and stack heavy materials quickly and safely. These employees are often used to assist loaders/unloaders to ensure delivery deadlines are met. Candidates for this role are skilled and safety-conscious with experience operating a stand up and/or a sit down forklift. Forklift operators are essential for production at larger warehouses, so these jobs exists in most cities across the country. Search for forklift operator jobs in your area.


One of the most common jobs in distribution centers, pickers/packers are responsible for locating inventory and preparing it for shipment. Candidates for this role will stand for long periods of time, read slip sheets and/or order forms and have the ability to gain familiarity with various products quickly. Although many temporary jobs in this role are seasonal, the rebounding economy is leading to increased consumer spending which should also increase job opportunities at distribution centers for major retailers. Search for picker/packer jobs in your area.

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