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Randstad’s employment experts have an extensive understanding of hiring trends and national and local market fluctuations. Using our vast knowledge of the workforce, we’ve predicted the five best non-clinical healthcare jobs for 2017.

An increase in insured patients and an aging population has caused demand for healthcare to spike which, in turn, is feeding the need for more professionals in medical clerical and administrative roles. There are thousands of job openings all across the country, but competition for the most popular jobs in larger cities can be high due to a large number of qualified candidates. Job seekers with experience and a variety of essential hard and soft skills will be at an advantage when applying for these roles.

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five best non-clinical healthcare jobs for 2017.

Randstad collected data from our expert recruiters to determine the hot jobs that will be most in demand over the next year. Our team of experts looked at a variety of current workforce trends, including number of qualified candidates and available positions, market growth, salary range and employer need for specific skill sets to predict the five best jobs in the non-clinical healthcare field for 2017. After carefully considering this information, Randstad anticipates the following roles to be the careers in demand for non-clinical healthcare:

best in-demand jobs

administrative assistant

Medical administrative assistants may be responsible for a wide variety of administrative tasks within a healthcare facility, such as answering phones, scheduling and billing patients, preparing treatment rooms and other various duties as needed. Candidates for this role must have exceptional organizational and time management skills. Search for administrative assistant jobs in your area.


Receptionists are often the first point of contact that many patients and vendors will have with a healthcare organization. These professionals are in charge of greeting visitors and answering and routing phone calls, but their duties could also include other clerical tasks. Many of the top job markets for this role are smaller cities. Search for receptionist jobs in your area.

executive assistant

Medical executive assistants perform high-level administrative functions for hospital or healthcare practice executives and doctors. This role involves maintaining the executive's appointment schedule by planning and scheduling meetings, conferences, teleconferences and travel, as well as maintaining customer and operational confidence. Typically there are more of these positions in cities with larger healthcare systems; however, some of the best locations for job seekers are in smaller markets due to a lack of qualified candidates in these areas. Search for executive assistant jobs in your area.

medical secretary

Medical secretaries have roles that are similar to receptionists, but include more clerical and organizational duties such as patient invoicing, scheduling appointments and inputting information. This position requires knowledge of medical terminology and insurance information and the ability to prevent, calm and/or diffuse irate callers. The majority of medical secretary jobs are located in more popular areas, where there is extremely high competition due to a larger pool of qualified candidates. Search for medical secretary jobs in your area.

medical assistant

Medical assistants aid physicians in certain clinical duties, such as preparing patients, performing basic lab tests, explaining treatment procedures and providing any additional exam assistance that is needed. There are thousands of postings for this job in large and small markets across the country. Search for medical assistant jobs in your area.

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