how to write a
cover letter.

Cover letters, or job application letters, bring resumes to life and can be the key to landing an interview. Knowing how to write a cover letter can differentiate your application and create a positive first impression. An impression that could be the difference between obtaining a job interview and being left in the resume stack.

ingredients of a successful cover letter

1. cover letter introduction

Introduce yourself, and then explain why you are applying to the job opening. State precisely the position you are seeking and give some indication of where you obtained information about the company or position. Write with the reader's needs in mind.

2. cover letter body

Explain why you feel you are the very best candidate for the position. State how your experience and background fits the job as well as how you can contribute to the company’s business objectives if hired. Be sure to refer to your resume at least once in the body of the letter. Also, mention why you feel that you would be a good cultural fit for the organization and team.

3. cover letter conclusion

Thank the reader for their consideration and mention when and where you might be reached to schedule an interview. Don’t hesitate to mention that you will be following up with a phone call within the next week. Use referrals if possible; recommendations may enhance your credibility with potential employers and your chances of securing an interview opportunity.

additional job application letter tips

personalize it

If possible, personalize your job application letter. Address it to a specific person and make sure to check the spelling of the company and the recipient’s name.

study examples

Search for cover letter examples to get a variety of additional templates. Sample cover letters will also give you an idea of what others in your field focus on.

job application letter

A job application letter is a type of cover letter that responds to a known job opening, as opposed to prospecting or networking letters.

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