Secure Pros San Francisco

27 Maiden Lane
2nd Floor
San Francisco, California 94108

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Whether you're looking to hire or be hired, SecurePros is here to help. As a specialized service offering within Randstad, we place top quality, unarmed, licensed security guards in positions throughout the San Francisco area. Our recruiters are standing by at our San Francisco location to help you staff your next position or assist you in making your next career move. We have extensive experience working with clients to develop customized security staffing solutions, providing unarmed security for:

* commercial high rises
* construction companies
* high end retailers
* high profile corporate conferences
* local hotels
* parking complexes
* property management companies
* residential high rises
* special events

... and more Ready to learn more about how SecurePros can help power your career or grow your team? Start [your job search]( on our site or [get in touch]( with us today to start finding candidates.