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Outsourcing the maintenance and support of data centers, networks and systems is a big decision. We understand, and have the experience and insight to be your trusted partner in the process.

what we do

command center

We are the bridge between people and technology. We offer incident and event monitoring of all systems within a company’s IT department through Randstad Technologies’ Command Center service. We take predetermined, diagnostic or remedial action in accordance with service level agreements, perform detailed tracking of service interruptions and participate in root cause analyses in support of a problem management program.

Value Proposition & Expertise:

  • Experienced leadership and staff 
  • ITIL principles utilized 
  • Experts in staff management to ensure 24x7 coverage 
  • Utilize our tools or clients, as required, with experience using a broad range of monitoring and incident management tool.

data center

Through Randstad Technologies’ Data Center service, we provide a comprehensive range of on-site and offsite data center outsourcing operations support, maintenance and management solutions - 24x7. We have expertise in managing mission critical systems and solutions across all platforms including console operations, systems monitoring, job processing and batch scheduling, management and administration, and tape and print operations. 

Value Proposition & Expertise:

  • Managing mission critical systems 
  • Providing strong security services protecting clients from internal and external threats 
  • Leveraging offshore resources to ensure maximum uptime and smooth operations 
  • Over 325 employees dedicated to data center managed services

IT operations

We are your one-stop solution provider for the majority of your technology needs. Through our partial or comprehensive management of your IT operations, we provide customized solutions that will help you improve processes, increase productivity and reduce costs. Solutions include shared support services, operations and infrastructure, application management, IT Governance, asset management and special projects.

Value Proposition & Expertise:

  • Flexible delivery models with client-driven customized solutions
  • One-stop solution provider for majority of clients' technology needs
  • Partnership based with focus on improving processes
  • Increasing productivity and reducing costs

IT infrastructure and monitoring

Randstad Technologies performs customizable management and monitoring solutions for a company’s servers, networks and related systems in a diverse range of environments - from small, local businesses to enterprise organizations.

Value Proposition & Expertise:

  • Systems - Real-time monitoring of servers and related systems 
  • Networks - 24x7 monitoring of all network devices and connectivity 
  • Customizable monitors that immediately identify problems within a client’s application 
  • Storage - Monitoring services to increase operational efficiencies with security

proven results

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