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Break down traditional talent silos and adopt a holistic approach to predict, rather than react to, evolving business strategy and market dynamics.

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The definition of talent continues to broaden, and the right talent for your opportunity may be a permanent employee, temporary worker, contractor and sometimes even robot. They may live around the corner or be located halfway around the globe. Designing strategies that take on a total business view, we have the hands-on success to help you determine the right resources and to deliver a game-changing integrated talent solution.

talent strategy with real intelligence

Deciding on the right mix of resources requires information, analysis and access. Combining deep data science expertise and global talent experience with powerful analytics technology, Randstad Sourceright delivers total talent solutions that drive business agility, scalability and flexibility.

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the Integrated Talent Playbook

Facing talent scarcity, a rapidly evolving workforce and shifting business imperatives, organizations around the world are feeling the effects of rising competition. Prepare for the new world of work with our Integrated Talent Playbook. Access this comprehensive guide to learn the benefits and complexities of holistic workforce planning and to understand how it can help you get ahead.

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case study

Read how Societe Generale is driving a market-leading customer and talent experience using an integrated talent model.

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