suite of technological solutions include temperature and mask detection, contactless time entry

ATLANTA – April 5, 2021 – To help American employers start planning the safe return of employees and the general public back into public spaces, Randstad US today announced the rollout of a suite of technology tools that can be used by companies to protect public health and help businesses adhere to changing safety guidelines. Randstad's "back to office" solutions include cutting-edge technology to help employers implement health screening protocols, contactless entry to shared spaces, and ensure widespread use of masks inside the workplace.

With more than two-thirds of American workers reporting that they "do not feel completely safe" in their workplace – and 25 percent saying they will look for a new job if their employer does not implement new long-term protocols – employers are under increasing pressure to ensure the return to the workplace is managed safely.

"Safely returning to the office remains challenging, particularly with new public health protocols that can carry a health risk for the employees tasked with enforcement," said Pascal de Hesselle, Principal at Randstad Technologies Group. "Randstad will work with employers to automate and implement key aspects of return-to-workplace safety to minimize risk for the employer and employees alike."

The latest Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines note that businesses can play a "key role in preventing the spread" of COVID-19, and recommends the implementation of health and temperature screenings, regular cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch surfaces in a facility, and the enforcement of federal and state mask mandates. Randstad Technologies Group, the technology arm of Randstad US, works with companies to identify their specific needs based on the nature of the space, volume of traffic and other criteria and will provide companies with a customized technology solution that will work for people, technology systems and company procedures.

Randstad's new offerings include end-to-end elevated temperature screening that enables real-time screening across multiple employee/visitor entry and exit points, assembly points, and other high-volume areas; innovative mask-detection technology that ensures compliance with mask-wearing protocols and provides real-time updates to employers; and no-touch devices and monitoring systems to support contactless time-entry and building access to reduce the risk of exposure from contact with shared services.

"While vaccinations may be on the rise, employers and businesses still cannot afford to relax their public health protocols," de Hesselle continued. "Randstad is committed to helping keep workers safe and is prepared to assist employers by utilizing the latest 'no-touch' technology to stay current with public health guidelines and promote public health in the workplace."

The company, which has screened and vetted a number of technological solutions for this purpose, will work with leaders in any industry or business to select the right solution for them based on unique challenges and circumstances.

Randstad Technologies Group has a proven track record of vetting, recommending, and establishing technological solutions to pressing problems for companies across a wide variety of industries. The company has deployed and installed more than 500,000 devices and conducts an average of 20,000 unique site visits each year. Rapid deployments of technology over large geographies is a strength of Randstad Technologies' Infrastructure Practice; examples include full branch technology migration across over four hundred retail banks in a single weekend and device deployments at over three thousand chain restaurants in just four months.

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