The client, a leading distribution center in Minnesota, needed support handling spikes in demand for talent. These spikes led to skyrocketing costs and unplanned overtime during a six-week peak season. What’s more, the client needed to improve — and more precisely measure — fill rates in order to maintain overtime percentages that were in line with budget and business goals.


Randstad immediately set to work designing a flex workforce scheduling solution to meet the client’s needs. Key features of the solution included:

  • a schedule-confirmation option, replacing an unreliable manual process in which workers were required to dial in
  • more robust communication capabilities, making it faster and easier to communicate and coordinate shift changes
  • Relevate Schedule’s Standby feature, enabling workers to pick up shifts based on qualifications, availability and reliability


By partnering with Randstad, the client immediately saw a positive impact. Key outcomes included:

  • increasing net hours filled by over 17 percent
  • increasing fill rate by 13 percent
  • achieving an additional 2,280 hours of production across the client’s business
  • decreasing terminations related to attendance as well as fewer no-call no-show (NCNS) issues — even during periods of peak demand — compared to the rest of year
  • increasing attendance and commitment from staff members, which critically improved overall operational reliability.

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