When our client, a $1 billion defense firm, divested from its parent company, new IT infrastructure — from data centers to branches — was needed urgently. In fact, not only would continued reliance on the parent company’s network be cost prohibitive, it would also prevent the client from delivering on key business needs. Desperately seeking a leading-edge technology solution that leveraged application-centric infrastructure (ACI), the client turned to Randstad for support.


Recognizing that speed was of the essence, Randstad Technologies’ team quickly got to work, including:

  • provided wide-ranging technology assessments, as well as project management support to deliver on needs
  • designed and deployed resources to implement a policy-based, software-defined datacenter using ACI
  • implemented the core network, then upgraded all branches, as well as end-point devices in parallel
  • identified key technology resources to meet the client’s business needs — and set them up for long-term growth
  • determined the client’s most at-risk sites, ranking them by potential impact on the business
  • built specialized implementation teams in order to meet customer needs
  • created standards to support forward-thinking methodologies
  • ensured broad-based support and understanding for all new technologies


Highlights of the engagement included:

  • successfully deploying leading-edge ACI technology
  • effectively rolling out architecture to implement a medium-sized enterprise network in less than 12 months
  • eliminating problematic “shadow IT”
  • introducing more flexible and agile IT design, which allowed the business to grow quickly and more efficiently going forward