Off-the-charts turnover. Extreme fluctuations in daily attendance levels. Talent challenges compounded by a depleted candidate pipeline. These and related headaches threatened to clean out the North Carolina site of a Fortune Global 500 producer of fire, HVAC and security equipment — already, the associated costs were in excess of $500,000 annually. With unfilled orders languishing for as long as 60 days, unreliable talent partners were clearly part of the problem. In need of a high-impact solution, the company teamed up with Randstad for support.


Recognizing the urgency and magnitude of the problem, the onsite solutions experts at Randstad went into triage mode and quickly isolated one potential driver of negative talent outcomes — namely, the client’s entry-level pay rates, which were $3 to $4 below median hourly rates for the market. After conducting thorough research, the Randstad team landed on an optimal entry-level pay increase and came back to the client with strategic guidance, forecasts and tools needed to support a fast-paced implementation. Key ingredients included:

  • short- and long-term forecasts around expected performance improvements
  • advanced workforce management tools and tech to facilitate scheduling and enhance communications
  • robust recruiting plans, including a largescale grassroots networking and outreach effort to promote pipeline health
  • customized platforms to give the client end-to-end visibility into the status of job orders

Having identified KPIs to align on a shared vision of success, the team from Randstad quickly got down to work — and just as quickly brought that vision to life.


Implementing our strategic recommendations led to measurable wins for the client almost overnight. Key outcomes within the first month included:

  • curbing the client’s weekly turnover rate to 8.4 percent, where the average had previously oscillated between 11.7 and 40 percent
  • elevating average daily attendance to 98 percent, compared to daily averages as low as 70 percent in the past
  • delivering on 100 percent of the client’s talent requests with an average time-to-fill of only seven days, significantly improving on the previous average of 13 days

And the client’s success only grew from there. Overall highlights of the engagement included:

  • reducing the client’s weekly turnover rate to 6.9 percent
  • sustaining 97.5 percent average daily attendance
  • replenishing the client’s talent pipeline with a pool of 30 to 50 ready-to-work candidates available on demand
  • generating $178,000 in net cost savings for the client within six months of implementation

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